Tuesday 19 March 2013

5 things about Free Giveaways!

Tradeshows, events and promotional campaigns, these are all typical marketing strategies. When you are participating in one of these events, the greatest challenge is to attract attention and to strike a conversation with your potential clients.

So how do successful promoters engage people with their conversation and encourage them to purchase and share their ideas? Well, the secret is simply to offer free giveaways! People love free things because it is impossible to resist the luring effects of free giveaways.

1. Free giveaways are like entry tickets

Prospects would stop and listen for a free giveaway. This gives you the opportunity and privilege to talk about your company and products. These attention-grabbers and conversation-starters are a great tool to attract customers from your competitors. Never leave those out when you are hosting or participating in a tradeshow or event.

2. It is free for your prospect but not free for you!

You would still have to pay a price that is equivalent to the cost of buying your prospects’ time. And more often than not, the benefit actually outweighs the cost. Within that 2 to 5 minutes, you might end up getting a good business deal!

3. Free giveaways are a waste of money

Well, that’s not entirely true! Though investing in free giveaways may eat into your profits, but it would also bring sales to greater heights! The cost of investing may only take up a fraction of your revenue. And considering the potential amount of sales and earnings, you might want to reconsider before turning it down.

Free giveaway brings in direct and referred business opportunities. So instead of forgoing these potential profits, try sourcing for cheaper promotional companies that fits your budget.

4. Free giveaways attract freeloaders?

Well, offering free giveaways not only attract freeloaders but it also attracts potential customers. Freeloaders are inevitable. However, in some way or another they are actually a good source of advertising. These free giveaways could be used and shared among families and friends. And it would eventually reach out to those who are interested to buy and pay for your products! Brand awareness is enhanced through the usage of these giveaways, serving as free walking advertisement for your company.

5. Law of Reciprocity

This principle works best for free giveaways! Why? Because whenever you offer a free giveaway, it creates a psychological effect on your future prospects. These people have a tendency of felling obliged to return a favor by purchasing your products.

So remember that the more you give, the more you receive! This statement works effectively when you are generous with your free giveaways. It adds on to your reputation and business opportunities. Why would you want to save that fragment of money when you could attract more sales and customers?

So if you are looking for some free giveaway ideas, here are some to consider!!

Marketing Gift Idea Virtual Bubble Wrap Keychain Marketing Gift Idea – Virtual Bubble Wrap Keychain

                                     Virtual Bubble Wrap Keychain                                          

Giveaway at Ice Totally Gaming Trade Show by Tab – Promotional Bag 224x300 Giveaway at Ice Totally Gaming Trade Show by Tab – Promotional Bag


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