Thursday 14 March 2013

Giveaways by Winston Cigarette

Stand to win free giveaways with every exchange of Winston Cigarette packaging. Winston cigarette is one of the top-selling cigarettes brand in the United States. To stay competitive, Winston keeps up the competition by offering free giveaways. This keeps them competitive and strong among all the new and upcoming cigarette brands.

This giveaway promotion was spotted in the Philippines. Winston encourages customers to save their cigarette packs and exchange them for exclusive prizes. They are giving away umbrella, phone, lighter and shirts. These giveaways are imprinted with their logo to boost brand recall. For instance, whenever the umbrella is being used, it immediately reminds the customer of this particular cigarette brand. People also become more aware of this brand  as these items are frequently used and shared among family and friends.

In relation to their cigarette packaging, Winston offers giveaway that uses the same colour scheme. This immediately creates a connection between the giveaways and its products. Thus, allowing customers to easily recognise the brand and boost brand recognition. Ultimately, effective brand recognition would drive sales for Winston.

Benefits of giveaways!

First and foremost, free giveaways always entice customers to make purchases. Who wouldn’t go for something that is free? Besides that, free giveaways are also free advertising. When the giveaway is branded with your logo or imprinted with your contact details, your company is being advertised whenever it is being used or shared. It acts as a constant reminder that your company is ever ready to serve them.

Furthermore, free giveaways would also promote goodwill. It creates a positive attitude and appreciation towards the company and brand. Customer loyalty and even improved customer relations can result from the clever use of free giveaways.

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