Tuesday 12 March 2013

Marketing gift by Eristoff- Bottle Decoration

Erinstoff is giving away bottle decoration as a marketing gift. The brand originates from Georgia and was first created for Prince Eristoff in 1806.

Made from 100% grain spirit, Eristoff vodka is triple distilled and then charcoal filtered, a technique first established in 18th century Russia.
The Eristoff logo - a wolf howling at a crescent moon - represents the Persian name for Georgia, Virshan, meaning “land of the wolf”. Today, Georgia is still home to the grey wolf, which for hundreds of years has been a part of Georgian culture and folklore.
We like this marketing gift because it looks chic and classy. The bottle decoration is grey in colour. Besides that, wolf-like fur was used as part of the decoration as well. This furry feature is a smart move to further enhance its wolf logo. And whenever customers use it, the fur like feature would immediate remind them of this particular Vodka brand. So, it is always important to be able to relate your marketing gift to your brand or logo. This would indirectly boost brand awareness as well as brand recall.
However, choosing a relevant marketing gift is not always an easy task. But with the right marketing gift, it would do wonders to sales and revenue. Read on to find out more about choosing a suitable marketing gift!

How to choose an appropriate marketing gift?.

Firstly, you have to match your brand positioning to the context of your gift. Take for example, Erinstoff is giving away bottle decoration for its Vodka products. This marketing gift is relevant as it is suitable for their bottled products.

Besides that, remember to choose a gift that portrays the right image. For a luxury good like vodka, fur decoration appears to be more classy and premium. Thus, using it as a marketing gift would give it a higher perceived value. Whereas, if Coca-cola uses fur for its marketing gift, it would totally make no sense. There is no connection between fur and Coca-cola. When we talk about Coca-cola, we think red, fun and young! No one would actually relate fur to coke! So, be sure to choose an appropriate marketing gift that best represents your brand!

Furthermore, it is always vital to match your gift to your target audience. Offer something that your target market would actually use. Imprint it with your brand name and logo. This allows it to continue advertising and reminding people of your brand long after they have been received. Check this out for more marketing ideas!!

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