Tuesday 5 March 2013

Custom Ceramic Mugs - Boxed sets for Easter

We were amazed by the number of Custom Ceramic Mugs on Display in UK supermarkets recently.
These really appeal to younger children & are given out free as promo gift to consumers who purchase Easter eggs during the Easter period.   This is an in-pack boxed set promo.

Custom Ceramic Mug

Gift with Purchase- Custom Ceramic Mugs for Easter

Custom Ceramic Mugs

Custom Ceramic Mugs for Easter
Why are Custom Ceramic mugs good marketing gifts?

These ceramic mugs have prints of the different cartoon characters on it depending on which type of Easter eggs they buy. For example, Hello Kitty. This promo gift would definitely appeal and be able to attract the young children with all the different sweets and chocolates adding on to the different cartoon characters.

How will this gift with purchase help your company’s marketing strategy?

These custom ceramic mugs are gift with purchase and would definitely be able to boost sales since most people values promo gifts alongside with their purchases. It acts as an incentive for consumers to make more and repeated purchases of the product to be able to receive the free ceramic mugs. Also, to collect all the different mug designs. Consumers may even purchase the Easter eggs just for the ceramic cups. Hence, this makes it a good promotional gift idea for the companies.

Easter is a Christian festival to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter Day is a moveable feast, meaning it does not have a fixed date on the calendar and normally last for a week. Therefore, this promo gift idea can be carried out in supermarket stores or any other stores much before when Easter Day starts to allow consumers to start purchasing these products.  

Brand recall can be enhanced when family members uses these printed ceramic cups at home. The brands would then be etched in the consumers’ minds intriguing repeated purchases of their products in the future. 

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