Monday 18 February 2013

Marketing Gift Idea: Custom Ceramic Mug - Watercooler StyleCustom Ceramic Mug - Watercooler Style

Water is needed for every human to sustain his life. A ceramic mug has come in handy at both workplace at home. While considering sending promotional products like pen and mousepad, why not sending a mug instead? This custom ceramic mug is a special promotional product which can increase the brand awareness. 

A ceramic mug is durable, reusable and a necessity to life. For example, people usually bring a mug to office for pouring water from the water dispenser. When the ceramic mug has become old, it can be used for brushing teeth at home or using it for other cleaning purpose. Since a ceramic mug is always useful in every place and every aspect, when people receive a mug they would not throw it away immediately. A branded ceramic mug is then an effective promotional gift. It is suitable for company from food & beverage industry and even dental industry. It can be a on-pack gift or a giveaway whenever you purchase any drinks from company, for example it can be giveaway when a client purchasing water dispenser. 

In workplace scenario, this custom ceramic mug act as a desktop product. Compare to pen and mousepad, the lifespan of mug is way longer because it can be kept on the desktop for years. The brand logo attached on the mug would then be very obvious and contains a long-term advertising effect to people around. Furthermore, the concept of using a mug is environmentally friendly. Since it is reusable, the company do not have to purchase extra paper cup to avoid waste of paper. 

In addition, the design of this custom ceramic mug is different from the ordinary one. It appeals more as it looks like a squeezed plastic cup ready to throw to the trash. This eco-friendly product motivates people to make contribution to the environment. Ultimately, this can enhance your company awareness. Practicing a good corporate social responsibility also gives a good impression to your client. 

What do you think about this custom ceramic mug?

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