Monday 23 June 2014

Marketing Gifts for Drinks and World Cup

World Cup fever still abounds even as teams are dropping out like flies.   On a visit to a local supermarket in Hong Kong yesterday, we came upon a new marketing gift promotion from Vita Ice Teas.   The brand is rightly fast-tracking its marketing as a counter top promotion, looking to get fast impulse purchases tied to the world cup.

Get a free Team Bag with the purchase of each pack of Ice Lemon Tea.   The brand is obviously well placed to piggy back on any world cup sentiment given their already suitable green and yellow standard packaging. On top of this the brand has printed multiple variations on the carrying bag.  Non Woven and Woven Promotional bags have become ever more popular in Hong Kong with the rise of the plastic bag Environmental levy from the Government.

Each of the collectibles features a different team so here you see Spain sitting pretty on the counter top. It is a great pity that the Spanish team is already out of the world cup so this means that as a collectible this set looses some value.

Collectible Marketing Gifts for World Cup
On the other hand, we also saw the Brazil bag and given that this country is hosting and winning we felt that this was the best one on display.    As marketers, how do you choose who to support, which volume of each product to order.  You need to know your customers and I think a little trip down to the local betting center to check out the odds on each team generally might not be such a bad idea either.  That said, this year there are quite a few surprises.

Marketing Gifts for World Cup
If you do decide to work on the World Cup, Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, or any other major celebration event with a good run up and finite celebration period, the best advise we can give is to be a first mover and get in early with your promotion.   At the same time, go big fast, and by the time most of the hype is over hopefully the stocks will have sold out and not be lingering for weeks after the event.

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