Thursday 22 January 2015

What will your next beach promo gift campaign look like?

It's only January so you may not have figured out what your summer campaign will look like yet if you are in Europe.    Now is the time to focus on developing something outstanding to own the beach.  Here are the best beach promo gifts we've found at the Toys & Games Fair in Hong Kong.

Firstly this madly compact / Fold out sports kit....

beach promo gift
Beach promo gift
Let's have a look at this summer set for an example of a great sports party in a box. It's made of:
  • A foldable volleyball / badminton nett
  • A pair of badminton rackets
  • A frisbee
  • A volley ball
  • A bag to carry it all
It basically has all you can ever need to build the ultimate beach playground. You can easily brand the bag or the different products in it with your own logo.

We also found this other beach promo gift during our tradeshow visit, what we liked with this one is the large nett and the fact that it's very easy for children to play with it and as you can see from above picture, both badminton and tennis version exist. 

beach promo gift rackets
Large Nett Rackets - Perfect beach promo gift
If you are looking for more ideas or if you need any help with your current promotional campaign, check out some of the links below or feel free to contact us!

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