Wednesday 18 February 2015

Labello social media campaign uses marketing gifts

Labello, one the most famous lip balm brand in France, recently released a pretty interesting promotional campaign mixing social media & marketing gifts.

Labello Marketing Gift - Box with custom name engraving
Labello Box with custom name engraved

They are offering a customized plastic cap (for the lip balm) with client's name on it together with this big pen holder (which in this case is used as a Lip Balm holder) that holds up to 5 lip sticks.

How does this marketing gift campaign work?

Simply take a picture of your Labello lip stick and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #monlabellocestlabello which translates by "My Labello is Labello" (it could have been shorter in our opinion).

Why do we like this promotion?

There are various reasons why we loved this promo:
  • The pen holder (or Labello box) can be reused which brings long terms visibility
  • The customized blue cap with customer's name on it is a very good idea. People tend to give a lot more value to a gift that has their name printed/engraved on, they also tend to show it off a lot more. Again, it brings brand visibility. 
  • The price of this promotional campaign. Let's be honest, it did not cost a lot of money and the ratio cost/effectiveness is huge. People have to share pictures of Labello products in order to have a chance to get the gift, which means that Labello will make profit BEFORE having to offer anything. 
Marketing gifts campaigns don't always have to be expensive to ensure a good ROI. If you need any assistance on your next promotion, make sure you contact us

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