Tuesday 24 March 2015

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack

We absolutely love this marketing campaign, which is run yearly by one of the leading confectionery companies, Cadbury. The way in which this marketing campaign is different is due to the fact that it's an event, over 300 of which are run throughout the UK. The events are aimed at children & families, as it's an Easter egg hunt.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack

The campaign has benefited Cadbury's in numerous ways, hence why they continue to run it every year:
  • It will increase sales, as the Easter egg box has all of the information about the Egg Hunt, along with an Activity pack.
  • It will greatly improve brand awareness - as the egg hunts are being run all over the UK, all of which is based around the brand and product itself, Cadburys' chocolate.
  • Families who visit the egg hunt will associate with the brand positively, as it will be a fun day out for all.
  • They make money off each event, as each customer has to pay £1.99 to run the trial, on top of a significant gift-aid fee, which costs £29.99 for a family, £11.99 for an adult and £6.00 for a child (under 5).
  • It helps out a good cause, as it's run in association with the National Trust, which is a charity that helps to protect historical buildings and green spaces.
  • It will drive traffic to their website, as you need to search for the nearest egg hunt via their website, as you can see below.
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack

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