Thursday 30 April 2015

Gift Idea Portable Light Globes

This portable light globe would be a great and fun marketing gift! There are many uses of the light globe such as marketing events, as freebies for outdoor events, and offering it as a marketing gift. The different color lights in are fun and eye catching. The portability of the light globe allows people to carry it around with them.  

Marketing Gift Idea- Portable Light Globes

When it comes to branding opportunities the globe makes a great one, as logos and slogans can easily be printed on the globe. Since the globe is lights up, it will certainly bring attention and visibility to your brand, which in turn will increase brand awareness. You can even customize the colors of the portable light globe to match your corporate theme. The coherency of the gift outlook with your company's image will ensure customers can identify with your brand. If given away as a gift, your customers will feel appreciate, which makes them more likely to recommend your brand or make repeat purchases in the future.

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