Monday 4 May 2015

Shoe Shaped Bag as Marketing Gift Idea

This shoe shaped bag is a fun and  non-traditional item you can use as a marketing gift. It appeals to different age groups and target market who likes unique items. Your customers can use the bag to store any items they like and carry it as a fashion statement.

Shoe Shaped Bag as  Marketing Gift Idea

The shoe shaped bag can be personalized with different designs and colors. Since ink can be easily printed on canvas, you do not have to worry about color selection! You can choose different colors to pantone match with your marketing campaign and company theme. As for branding purposes, the shoe shaped bag has several areas to print your company logo, slogan or mascot image.You can print on the canvas and the outer sole of the shoe shaped bag.  Studies shown that messages are more effective when repeated frequently. When customers see your brand name multiple times, it will influence their purchasing decision of your brand.

Shoe Shaped Bag as  Marketing Gift Idea
This marketing gift works as an alternative business card to customers and potential customers. With that, people will easily remember your company, brand name and product. It is a practical and effective way to promote your brand.

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