Wednesday 3 June 2015

Hello Kitty GWP by McDonalds China

McDonald's China is having a Hello Kitty GWP promotion  for their customers during the summer. You will get a set of 5 Hello Kitty figurine when you spend RMB125 in a single receipt. Customer will get an additional brief case when they spend RMB138 in a single receipt.

Hello Kitty GWP by McDonalds China
You can use license/trademarked characters or collaborate designs to produce for your campaign. Licensed character such as Hello Kitty are very popular worldwide and proven strong performers for sales growth. You can ride on their popularity in creating a hype for your campaign and spreading your brand to target market. Other licensed character from movies can be used as well for campaign collaboration. You can read more case studies on companies using licensed characters here.

Benefits of using licensed characters in your promotion:

  • Increase sales growth for short-term and long-term goals
  • Extending current brand to new product areas and to more customers
  • Can develop personalized concept and prototype using licensed characters
  • Gain marketing power from existing brand and characters

How to brand and promote using licensed characters such as Hello Kitty?

When brand exposure increase, customers and prospective customers will be familiar with your brand- upon seeing the logo, color, name and messages repeatedly. Promoting licensed characters as collectibles will be beneficial as customers will not throw them away. The collectible items will be kept for a long time and you can keep making comebacks with licensed character. This ensures anticipation for more from your company. Customers will remember the campaigns you had with licensed character thus building loyalty and retaining customers.

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