Tuesday 2 June 2015

Branded Super Power Kit Giveaway by Kandoo Kids

Kandoo is a Canadian company specializing in kids friendly products such as diapers, disposable wipes and other kids supplies. They are giving away 100 super power kits every month to their online subscribers

Branded Super Power Kit Giveaway by Kandoo Kids
The super power kit includes a Kandoo branded nylon cape, branded tape, stickers and pin badges. The
 free giveaway encourages online users to sign up every month. This strategy incentivized their target market to think of them monthly and participate in their promotional activities.

Are you planning for a marketing campaign  or looking to increase online presence? 

If your target audience is similar to Kandoo Kids, you can personalize your own super power kit to be given away. Many items can be included such as branded towels, information packets, notebooks, pens and much more. You can select relevant items that matches your marketing/promotional campaign.

With customization of  items, you can freely brand and design the merchandise so that company logo can be seen by many. Brand awareness increases when image or messages are highly exposed to others. Other customization include color matching, design prints and size of the super power kit.

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