Monday 1 June 2015

BVLGARI Fragrance Promotion- Free Charger as GWP

BVLGARI  is a well-known Italian jeweler selling luxury fine goods such as diamonds and watches. The brand extended their portfolio to fragrances and offers a free pocket charger to customers who purchase their product.

BVLGARI Fragrance Promotion- Free Charger as GWP

Why portable chargers are popular for marketing gifts?

Portable chargers are functional items that are essential to our daily life. Almost every person will own a smart phone that  requires the convenience of charging outdoor. The chargers are light, functional and extremely useful for urgent situations. Your customers will appreciate the gift as it retails for approximately US$ 20 to US$80 on retail market. Since portable chargers are fairly expensive, it is a marketing gift that can't be thrown away easily.

BVLGARI Fragrance Promotion- Free Charger as GWP

How do you make the portable charger attractive?

You can easily do that by customizing your own designs as seen from image above. Bvlgari customized the charger's color similar to their product and you can change the color and design for your own campaign. This allows a memory association of product and brand as the colors will pair both items through color coding. In addition, you can brand your company logo or name on the visible surface area of the charger. Brand awareness will increase when logo is visible and highly exposed to others. The repeated image or messages will develop a loyal customer base as they will recall your brand easily.

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