Friday 29 May 2015

Celcom Malaysia Branded "Fortune Mask" USB

Celcom Malaysia customized their USBs as giveaways using the rabbit Chinese zodiac. The offer is valid only when Celcom users subscribe to their broadband services.

Celcom Malaysia Branded "Fortune Mask" USB

The USB comes in  different characters such as ambitious, charming and courageous. The 12 different designs are appealing and can be promoted as collectors item. Celcom's official color,blue, was pantoned matched on the the USBs. When subscribers receive and use the item, they will think of Celcom automatically.

Celcom Malaysia Branded "Fortune Mask" USB

Why customize USB for promotional campaign?
Customizing premiums for your campaign has many benefits and advantages. Customization will make your gift looks attractive, memorable and outshine your competitors. You do not want the gift to be thrown away or deem useless by your customers. Pantone matching your company color to the USB will allow brand association. Customers will find it relatable and memorable.

From Celcom's example, the design is attractive and good looking. You can do the same by printing or embossing designs on the USBs. Offering multiple designs will make customers want to collect them. Branding can be done by printing your company logo as well. This increases brand awareness as the logo will be exposed and seen multiple times by users. 

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