Wednesday 27 May 2015

L'Occitane Spring Bucket Promotion

L'Occitane USA is offering a free spring bucket for the season. The offer is valid for one day and online only. Customers will receive the customized spring bucket when they spend US$65 on L'Occitane product

L'Occitane Spring Bucket Promotion

Will your customers find the bucket useful? Yes, they will as you can use it for many different reasons. The bucket is large enough for storage and not easily damaged. Below are some ideas you can incorporate in your campaign or suggesting uses to customers so they find the customized bucket valuable:

  • package items as gift set
  • bathroom organizer
  • flower pot,gardening tool organizer
  • collecting easter eggs during easter hunt :)

Why use customized bucket as marketing gift?

The large surface area of customized bucket is excellent for branding. You can print logo on the bucket at a highly visible area. This ensures brand exposure and awareness as logo can be seen by many. In addition to logo, you can customized designs as seen from L'Occitane's example. Messages, slogans, URL links and QR codes can be printed on the large surface for a "call-to-action" effort. The messages can't be missed easily on the bucket!

Besides customized branding, you can choose the material of the bucket depending on your budget. Other options include plastic, eco-friendly bamboo, enamel or aluminium metal. These materials are durable and long lasting where customers can keep them and continue using for a long time.

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