Tuesday 26 May 2015

Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia

Dulux Australia is having a promotion by offering  free energy cubes to their customers. This offer is valid only with purchase of 8 Litres or more of Dulux paint.

 Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia

The energy cube is a portable power bank that is light and compact. Currently, there're 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, which means Dulux customer's potentially own a smartphone that requires a charging device. The portable power bank is something that prospects and customers will not throw away, or kept hidden in a drawer.
 Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia

When offering power banks as gift to your clients, you can customize the color of the power banks as seen from image above. You can pantone match them with your company's color, or produced them in multiple colors to attract customers. Branding can be done by laser printing or engraving company logo on the power bank. Any messages that you want to send can be printed on the surface area of the power bank. This allows a call for action such as visiting your website or calling the hotline number when they require your service. Basically, customization can be done for the color, shape and design of the power bank.

 Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia
In addition, you can package the power bank in paper box packaging or a plastic case. The case can also be branded  with your logo and company name. Packaging can make your gift looked visually attractive and work as a protective storage for the gadget as well. 

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