Monday 25 May 2015

Shoe Shine Kit by Dolce & Gabbanna

Dolce & Gabbanna, also known as D&G is offering a shoeshine kit for free! This offer is only valid for online purchases of US$ 69 on men's fragrances. The shoeshine kit comes with a case, buff cloth, shoehorn, polish tin and 2 brushes.

Shoe Shine Kit by Dolce & Gabbanna

Why use shoeshine kit as marketing gift?

D&G's is obviously targeting men in this promotional campaign. This complete shoeshine kit can help them in cross selling  their men's fashion wear. Their customers will be encouraged to use them frequently on a daily basis when it is given for free.

If your product is gender specific targeting to men , or have the same target market as D&G, you can consider offering a shoeshine kit as marketing gift in your campaign. The shoeshine kit has multiple items in it that allows various opportunity for branding. Your company name and logo can be printed, engraved or embossed on the large  flat surface area of the case , buff cloth and wooden brushes. You can even choose the materials such as PU leather, satin or PVC  for the carry case depending on your budget. Since the shoeshine kit consist of multiple items, you can add your logo on every items that comes with the kit. This increases brand visibility as  user will see your logo multiple times throughout the whole shoe shining process.

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