Friday 22 May 2015

Portable Power Bank Giveaway

The HKTDC, which stands for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is in preparation for the largest ever 'Entrepreneur Day'. During which they will be providing entrepreneurial insight, along with an array of business start-up opportunities and support services, to entrepreneurs.

For this record breaking day, the HKTDC is offering a free gift as part of a sign-up giveaway. A total of 500 branded power banks will be given away on a first come, first serve basis - to those who sign up first.

As you can see below, the power bank is branded HKTDC related information, including the logo, the website link and the event.

This gift will have numerous benefits for the organizers of the day, and HKTDC in general, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, power banks are the type of product that will be regularly used in public, in order to charge your phone. This makes it a great opportunity to take advantage of the large, flat branding area in order to increase brand awareness of the HKTDC and the Entrepreneur day. As it may be exposed to Entrepreneurs or business owners who had never heard of such a day, and as such it will increase the amount of visitors for the following year. This increased exposure will also help to drive traffic to their website.

Power banks also have a high perceived value, so all members that are gifted one will be appreciative - this makes them more likely to return the following year, or to recommend the HKTDC to others.

Not only does the branding area of power banks make it a fantastic opportunity, but also the fact that they can be customized to match your company theme, including the color - which can be pantone matched, the size or even the whole design can be customized.

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