Friday 22 May 2015

Starbucks China Leather Sling and Tote Bag

Starbucks China is promoting their new food menu during the Dumpling festival.  They are giving away free sling bags and shopping totes with purchase of their "Dragon Dumplings".

Starbucks China Leather Sling and Tote Bag
Free gifts with purchase such as bags are great items to include in your promotional campaign. Starbucks China is offering two different bags with PU leather material to their target audience. Since it is a new food menu, the company wants to create brand awareness and increase sales for their seasonal "Dragon Dumpling". Starbucks China offered 2 designs and one of them is the sling  cross-body bags which is trending for 2015's Spring/Summer season. The designs are inclined to the taste of well-defined target audience. The material of the bag will give a high-end impression and of good quality to customers. They will be happy to receive the gift when making a purchase. This additional incentive offered will motivate people in trying their new delicacies which  increases product sales.

You can brand the leather sling and tote bag with your company logo and messages. The large surface area can be customized according to your branding requirements. Wordings and images can be stitched, engraved or printed on the bag material. You can even customize the color just like Starbucks in matching company theme to product.

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