Wednesday 20 May 2015

Chocolate Magnets by Isetan Malaysia

Isetan Kuala Lumpur, a premium retail store had a gift with purchase promotion for their anniversary event. Shoppers who purchased the exclusive gift set of RM200 & above will receive a complimentary chocolate magnets.

Chocolate Magnets Gift by Isetan Malaysia

You can customize magnets into novelty gifts in different shapes and sizes by choosing suitable materials. Glass, stainless steels, resins are some of the materials used in designing different types of magnets. From the image above, chocolate magnets are unique and fun for Isetan shoppers as it is targeted to the female gender. When you customize the designs according to your target audience,  they can relate the gift to your product. It will subtly influence them to make a purchase and participate in the promotion, which increase short-term sales.

In addition to customizing designs, you choose packaging and brand the magnets with your logo. When customers use your gifts in their homes or offices, your logo will be seen by many people. With that, brand visibility increase along with brand awareness..

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