Wednesday 20 May 2015

Pringles Party Speaker as Gift with Purchase!

Pringles is having a GWP promotion for the summer season. They are giving away free party speakers with purchase of their chips.

Pringles Party Speaker as Gift with Purchase!
The Pringles portable speaker is a fun and funky gift that matches their party theme. The customized speaker  looks like a cap and fits on the can perfectly. Customer will be attracted to purchase another can of Pringles as the gift seems valuable and more expensive than the product itself.

How to promote your product with a portable party speaker?

The plastic material can be pantone match with various color as seen from image above.You can choose colors that matches your product or company theme. When you match the colors, customer will associate your company to the gift. This allows them to recall your brand and product easily when planning to make a purchase.

In addition to colors, you can brand the portable party speaker by printing the company logo. Your slogan or messages can be printed on the visible area of the speaker.When customers are using it with your product, your logo and  messages can be seen easily by many. This helps in spreading brand awareness to a larger scale of target audience as exposure of brand increases.

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