Tuesday 19 May 2015

Custom Rose Print Clutch by Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth, a leading clinical skin care company is offering their signature rose clutch for free. The promotion is valid with any purchase of  US 75 dollars.

Custom Rose Print Clutch by Peter Thomas Roth
Why use custom print clutch as marketing gift?

The custom print clutch can be personalized in any designs you desire. From Peter Thomas Roth's example, they are inspired by their Rose skin care selection and developed a signature design  This is an excellent approach as theme of marketing gifts is tied to product/brand image.Customers or potential customers can relate gift to product, which makes your brand more memorable. You can package the custom print clutch to make it appear high-end or similar to luxury designers' brand. Then, customers will be impressed with the clutch you are offering and make them feel valued by your company.

In addition to design flexibility, you can brand the custom print clutch with your company logo and images. The logo can be printed, embossed or sewn on the large flat surface area of the clutch. Brand visibility increases when your logo can be seen easily.Also, awareness can be spread further and wider when customers carry the clutch outdoors. This benefits your promotional campaign tremendously as more people will be aware of your brand.

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