Friday 15 May 2015

Custom Nursing Pillows as Gift

Looking for gifts for new parents? A US company selling maternity and baby products, NursingPillow, is offering a free custom pillow as gift with purchase. Shoppers who purchase online will get the free printed pillow by using an online promo code.

Custom Nursing Pillows as Gift

How to brand and customize nursing pillow as marketing gift?

Firstly, you can choose material  type such as  blended-cotton or woven fabrics in producing the nursing pillow. Different materials have different cost and different manufacturing process. You can select standard or high quality materials based on your budget. For example, Egyptian cotton is used in making high quality products and has a higher price compared to regular cotton.

Custom Nursing Pillows as Gift
To make the nursing pillow looking more attractive, you can customized design of the pillow with various colors and prints. Customers will be attracted by the variety you are offering and may make multiple purchase to get different designs. This will attract the attention of prospective shoppers as well, when looking at the promotion.

Also, you can customize the gift with your company name and logo. Branding can be done on the large surface area of the nursing pillow. You can have logo stitched or printed on the fabric, or create additional labels to be attached on the nursing pillow. This improves brand visibility of your product and spreads brand awareness when logo is constantly exposed. By offering a custom nursing pillow in your GWP or PWP campaign, shoppers will find your promotion as  valuable, and will purchase from you instead of your competitors.

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