Thursday 14 May 2015

Promotional Lunch Boxes with Fun Tooth Picks

An online shopping store, had GWP promotion by offering free food containers. They offered sauce containers with purchase of 45 US dollars and a bento box set with cutlery and fun food picks-with purchase of 86 US dollars.

Promotional Lunch Boxes with Fun Tooth Picks

Lunch boxes are ideal for promotional and marketing gifts because you can customized them in many fun designs. They are useful and convenient in storing food items,can be used in a daily manner.With the lunch box, you can pantone match various colors on the plastic to offer more choices to your customers. You can match your company color so that customer can easily associate product with your company image. Furthermore, the large and flat surface area of lunch boxes can be customized for branding opportunity.

You can print your company logo on the plastic material so that brand visibility increase. When users are using the branded lunch box, more people will be exposed to the logo and the message you are sending. This acts as a low cost advertising tool for your product and company.You can add other accessories such as cutlery set to make it as bundle. Customers will find the deal valuable and motivated to make higher purchase.

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