Wednesday 13 May 2015

Mini Wireless Heart Speaker

Victoria's Secret  extended clothing brand, PINK had a gift with purchase promotion . They are offering  free mini wireless speaker in heart shape with their brand purchase.

Mini Wireless Heart Speaker

How to appeal to customers and encourage impulse purchase?

You can emboss your logo or brand name on the wireless speaker as seen from image above. Customers who are brand conscious will be happy to receive the gift. Since it is mini sized, customers can carry the speaker with them and use it outdoors. The heart shape wireless speaker acts as an advertising tool in spreading brand awareness as brand visibility increases.  

In addition, you can customize the speaker shape so that gift will stand out among other promotions. Customers will perceive the gift as a valuable deal  and company can retain their loyalty. Design of the mini wireless speaker will attract attention of prospective customers as well. Lastly, colors of the plastic material can be pantone match according to your requirements. You can choose colors that resonate with your company image so that brand name be easily recalled. 

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