Tuesday 12 May 2015

Tony Roma's Foldable Umbrella Promotion

Tony Roma Malaysia is offering a free foldable umbrella for Mother's Day celebration. The promotion is valid only on Mother's day with a minimum spending of RM150 in a single receipt. The Tony Roma's branded umbrella is redeemable nationwide.

Tony Roma's Foldable Umbrella Promotion

How to brand and promote with foldable umbrella?

This gift is simple and practical to customers as the foldable umbrella is convenient to use. Umbrellas are always popular to keep oneself dry from the rain and protected from harmful UV rays. The foldable umbrella comes in handy as it requires a smaller storage space compared to regular umbrellas.

You can brand the foldable umbrella with personalized designs such as color and print pattern. To make the appearance of the gift coherent with your company theme, you can pantone match colors on the umbrella as seen from image above. Company logo, name and slogan can be printed on the material according to your specifications. Branded umbrellas, like the foldable ones are an inexpensive method in advertising your brand. Since it is used outdoors, brand visibility will increase where your logo and company name be seen multiple times by many different people. This contributes to in spreading brand awareness and making it memorable.

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