Monday 11 May 2015

K-mart China Promotional Plush Characters.

K-mart China is running a purchase with purchase (PWP) promotion for its valuable customers. The promotion offers a cartoon plush toy for 20 Chinese Yuan with any in-store purchase.

 K-mart China Promotional Plush Characters.

The plush toy is a protagonist character named  张小盒 "Zhang Xiahe" based on a cartoon series in China.
A study on consumers general perception towards plush toy states that plush toys are generally associated with children with rare adult involvement. However, a paradigm shift in living standards and consumer awareness has changed the age group of plush toys buyers. According to market analysis on plush toys market, adults are purchasing plush in an increasing proportion. They look for branded and high quality  plush  that can be used as decorative and as collectors item. Since perception and age group of plush toys have changed, you can incorporate promotional plush in your marketing campaign.

 K-mart China Promotional Plush Characters.

Benefits of promotional plush for  marketing & advertising campaign:

Firstly, you can maximize exposure of your brand  with the promotional plush. How to maximize brand exposure? You need to repeatedly expose your brand  and message by customizing  company logo on the plush. This increases brand visibility and brand awareness. Besides, you can cover the cost of the plush since it is part of the PWP campaign.

Secondly, you can boost sales through PWP as the promotion targets a wide range of age group. You can retain loyal customers as the promotional plush sends a message and reminder to customers about your company. They will associate your brand and company image positively, thus, leading to repeated purchase.

A marketing plan using plush toys can be effective as the characters are perceived positively through media. With the promotional plush toys, you are delivering the cartoon character  as a "live" exposure to customers, which in turns increases attachment to the character and plush toy.

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