Friday 8 May 2015

Swarovski Starbucks Tumbler is giving away free Starbucks Tumbler to it's online newsletter subscribers. There will only be one winner as  will pick one email randomly from their  list. The Starbucks tumbler is not any ordinary tumbler, but an encrusted one with crystals from Swarovski. The company picks a winner every month and offers different free gifts monthly to entice new subscribers in signing up.

Swarovski Starbucks Tumbler 

Why is the Swarovski Starbucks Tumbler an attractive gift to Dealmoon's subscibers?
The tumbler is made from gold stainless steel encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystal. The gift comes with a dark wooden box with Starbucks logo engraved on the sliding lid. This gift is attractive because it is retailing at US$100 at Starbucks online stores. Readers who have not subscribed to their newsletter will be motivated to do so, as they is no need to purchase anything from their website. This will drive traffic to,  which in turn increases sales for them. You can use a similar strategy by offering customized tumbler to your customers!

Swarovski Starbucks Tumbler 

How does a customized tumbler benefit your marketing campaign?
Firstly, customers will pay attention to your promotion, as you are offering a unique and premium gift item! Offering a gift in a GWP campaign or PWP campaign is a method of communication to your customers. The gift calls for attention and communicates value of your brand. In addition, you can take the opportunity in personalizing brand name by engraving or printing company logo on the large surface area of the tumbler. It is an essential daily item where your customers will carry the tumbler with them.This increases brand visibility and spreads brand awareness. The personalized logo on the tumbler acts as a low cost advertising tool for your campaign.

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