Tuesday 14 July 2015

Comic-Con fan bags from Warner Bros

Comic-Con International in San Diego is one of the largest conventions in the world. While originally meant to feature only comic books it has grown to include even more things related to television and pop culture. With over 130,000 visitors every year it is a great place for companies to advertise themselves. During the last six years, Warner Bros has been the official bag sponsor of the event. Every visitor will receive a free bag with 13 different motifs from Warner Bros most popular TV series.

Comic-Con fan bags from Warner Bros
As seen on the bag above there is a lot of advertisement space available. This makes them perfect for promotional purposes. The amount of people and attention from media that this event receives means that their brand awareness will increase drastically. This is a good way for them to promote new TV series.

Comic-Con fan bags from Warner Bros

While their main purpose is to store promotional products that people get from the event, they can also be used as a poster. This means that they will be used for a much longer time than if they were only used as bag. People have also started collecting them and selling them online, generating even more awareness for the brand.

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