Branded Mugs as promotional gift by Better Call Saul

After the big success of the lawyer "Saul" in Breaking Bad AMC started to make his own TV serial with the lawyer, named Better Call Saul. To promote the new serial they offer several promotional products, one of which is a branded heat changing mug.

Branded Mugs as promotional gift by Better Call Saul

How do you get one of the branded mugs?

The twitter page 50 Fifty Gifts recently started a campaign to increase their number of followers with this branded mug. You can win one of this mugs by following the page and retweeting the post of the Better Call Saul mug.

What are the benefits of mugs as marketing gifts?

When you want to increase your brand awareness and recognition, promotional products like this branded mug are perfect to use as marketing tool.

One of the most important reasons to choose a promotional product is the branding space, mugs offer a great branding area on their cover to print your logo or your artwork on it.

In addition, mugs are commonly used items, so the owner of the mug will interact many times a day with the printed artwork. This will be more likely to improve your costumer retention and raise your sales. 

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