Friday 21 August 2015

Victoria Secret Offer Free Duffle Bag with $75 Purchase

Victoria Secret are offering a free duffle bag with a purchase over $75. This limited offer is exclusive for sports purchases. This is the perfect gift to be offered, customers who are buying sports clothing from Victoria Secret will appreciate being offered a free branded gym bag.
Victoria Secret Offer Free Duffle Bag with $75 Purchase
Duffle bags are great promotional gifts, with the large branding area available it offers the perfect area to show your logo or branded image. Victoria Secret has clearly placed their brand on the bag, when recipients use their bag in the gym the brand will be clearly visible to further potential clients.

By offering this as an exclusive gift for purchases from Victoria Secret Sports, customers will be incentivised to purchase from the sports department. This should allow for an increase in sales in the short term of their sportswear and of a longer term brand awareness of their sportswear that Victoria Secret offers.

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