Wednesday 5 August 2015

D23 EXPO Secret Suitcase Sweepstakes

The Official Disney Fan Club, D23, has been offering four different secret suitcase sweepstakes as part of the promotional campaign for the D23 EXPO. Each of the special Disney-themed suitcases from American Tourister included products from EXPO partners: Disney Interactive, Vans, and Target. 
D23 EXPO Secret Suitcase Sweepstakes
This kind of competitive campaign will have a number of benefits. By providing customized specialist suitcases, the Disney brand will be increasingly recognized, as well as the American Tourister suitcases being marketed. 

D23 EXPO Secret Suitcase Sweepstakes
Furthermore, the type of products offered in this sweepstakes promotion have all been clearly branded with many of the companies logos, mascots and colour themes. This will drastically improve customers brand awareness and exposure.

These products are clearly marketed at fans of Disney, so having these as competitive sweepstakes prizes at a Disney EXPO is the obvious route to further brand awareness. Consumers who are not fortunate enough to win are much more likely to purchase these products once they know of them. Thereby not only increasing immediate sales for both companies, but also an increase in customer retention.

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