Thursday 27 August 2015

Free Necklaces With All Orders From "You Earth Ash"!

Sheffield steel! This world famous since the beginnings of steel forging. You Earth Ash are cleverly utilizing this location based competitive advantage by stating this. But they expand upon their advantage by using the tool of Marketing Gifts, the benefits of which are great.

Free necklaces With All Orders You Earth Ash!
What is so great about this style of free marketing gift?

  • Increased Sales
  • Brand Exposure
  • Social Media Presence
  • Attract new customers
These benefits are certainly of great impact to your business. Marketing gifts like You Earth Ash's increase sales through your existing customer base (by adding value to a purchase). They also expose your brand via social media, both giving an online presence and bringing brand awareness. This in turn attracts new customers to your business, again increasing sales, and the cycle continues! 

In the case of You Earth Ash, marketing gifts like this also give the opportunity to advertise your core competencies, as done here where on their social media and website the quality of Sheffield steel is exposed. The core of your business can be advertised by these means, making sure your customers are fully aware of your market offering and how great your business really is. An opportunity often missed by many, taking this competitive advantage through marketing gifts would surely be of benefit to your business.

Want to see more topics scenarios to increase profits through promotional activities? Excite your marketing taste buds by visiting our blog and see the benefits of marketing gifts! 

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