Wednesday 26 August 2015

Free speakers as winnable gift

After talking about the winnable selfie stick from Gifted France yesterday, they also started a promotion in which you can win a free Bluetooth speaker. To get a chance to win the speaker you have to follow their twitter page and retweet their post.

Free speakers as winnable gift
This is a great example how you can increase your number of twitter followers with a free marketing gift. Getting many new followers on your twitter account will surely improve your brand awareness and recognition.

Offering promotional gifts is a fantastic way to enhance your costumer retention and increase sales. Nearly every promotional product can be equipped with your logo or your custom artwork. 

Branded Bluetooth speakers are great for promotional gifts.You can use them as branded giveaway or as free on pack gift with your products. When offering them as on pack gift directly in the store, your sales volume will expand in a short time. 
You can furthermore use this Bluetooth speaker as branded merchandise. When offering them as branded merchandise you will have the added benefit that your company still gains profit from selling the speakers in stores or in your online shop.

Interested how promotional items like these speakers can help you with your business? Feel free to contact us to learn more about marketing products and their benefits.

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