Tuesday 25 August 2015

Expand your product portfolio with promotional gifts!

"In a pikle" the company designed for fashion and organisation combined are marketing towards professionals with a cash rich time poor life style, that need organisation in the form of a purse like pouch with convenience and emergency items.

What In a pikle are utilizing is the profound ability of expanding you product portfolio in both a consistent and affordable way! With any purchase above $29.99 they are gifting a free first aid kit. A smart move by the company to complement their existing product line with promotional products.

Expand your product portfolio with promotional gifts
This case of promotional product complements "In a pikle" perfectly as it is in line with what they aim to achieve as a business, to make the lives of those time poor more organised for both convienene and emergency items. The promotional first aid kit is in line with this core competency, the same logic can be applied to any business to bring profit.

What benefits can this style of product portfolio expansion?

  • Affordable alternatives to widen your portfolio
  • Pull marketing
  • Adding value to an existing product

Not only is this a great opportunity for business in a product portfolio sense, but it also creates a pull marketing strategy for the company, ensuring both satisfaction and motivation for purchase, adding value to the purchase of the product and adding value to your business as a whole!

A great opportunity and a creative way to increase your sales and keep in line with your core competencies; by utilizing the many promotional products available to compliment your business' product.

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