Tuesday 25 August 2015

24 Studio offers a free gift with purchase

Take a look at 24 Studio new promotional campaign that offers a free gift with any order placed within 14 days. These 2 cosmetic bags come in small and large sizes to suit different needs. It is the perfect gift with purchase as they can be shared with a friend and are highly customizable and stylish.
24 Studio offers a free gift with purchase
As it is seen on the picture above, the items are of high quality and an appealing look. This can be used as a unique selling proposition that will attract customers. Free gift with purchase is one of the easiest way not only to increase the sale, but also rise customer retention rate and even the frequency of further purchases. Also can serve as a brilliant business strategy that is often used to attract new customers and to get more sales from existing ones.
Shoppers react favorably to something extra and are more likely to share their positive experience and spread the word of this online store’s promotional campaign. Thereby attracting even more potential customers.             


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