Tuesday 25 August 2015

How to promote your pastry business?

Always wondering how to efficiently promote your pastry shop without spending millions of dollars? Let's have a look at what Tartes & Pop is doing in Hong Kong.

In order to maximise their brand visibility, they decided to make these pastry rolls with their logo etched directly on the wood.

These will be offered to their VIPs together with an invitation letter to the Grand Opening. What we liked with these products is the fact that they have a pretty high perceived value (usually the case with heavy wooden or metal gifts).

Now if you don't have the budget for pastry rolls, don't worry! Promotion is extremely important so don't skip it just because you don't have Coca Cola's marketing budget. Plus, we have a lot of other options for you.

Stickers or badges for example! These are very effective giveaways, they really boost your brand exposure. Ideal for street promos or event (trade shows, music festival, etc.).

If you are interested in making pastry rolls for your own event or promotion. We have a lot of different size or design available. Feel free to let us know your budget and we would work around it.

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