Friday 28 August 2015

Macy's Marketing Gift with Purchase: Free towel!

Macy's the American department store is offering this great gift with purchase when you buy the fragrance "Cool Water" by Davidoff. It's a great way to add value to the purchase of the product and also adds a feeling of a brand ecosystem, associating Cool water with towels and summer related activities. This shows a great seasonal addition!

Macy's Marketing Gift with Purchase: Free towel! 
As can be seen the sleek design of this towel certainly adds promotional value to the purchase of the fragrance. This adds value to the consumers purchase, but their are many more business benefits to having promotional marketing gifts such as this one.

What are the benefits of these kinds of marketing gifts?

  • Brand Awareness - Consumers will market your brand for you with products like this towel, consider when they take it to the beach or swimming baths. Your brand will be exposed to many via a towel like this one. 
  • Competitive advantage - Especially in the case of fragrances, marketing gifts are very prevalent , having a quality gift like a towel can make you stand out among many that offer homogeneous marketing gifts. However the applications are much greater for a towel, and can be applied as a gift to many products
  • Seasonal demand boosts - Summer time is a great time to add a promotional gift like this to your product, where towels come in handy the most a gift like this would certainly assist with seasonal demand. Increasing profit.
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