Friday 28 August 2015

Gift with purchase new promotional campaign for Tyra Beauty

Makeup brand Tyra Beauty announced a new campaign to promote their sales. Every customer with purchase for at least $50 is going to get a free gift – branded makeup bag worth $25.

One of the main promotional techniques the brand is using is so called celebrity endorsement. This brand is famous model Tyra Banks’ business and is actively promoted by her. But as it is a relatively new brand, new promotional campaign is meant to boost the sales and build brand awareness.

Gift with purchase new promotional campaign for Tyra Beauty

This makeup bag is of high-quality, stylish and spacious to store all the beauty essentials. This is all a girl could ask for. As it is a branded makeup bag, Tyra Banks’ reputation within fashion industry and as beauty icon has a power to influence people to buy the products. First of all, it gives the brand credibility and even some degree of trustworthiness. Second of all, consumers might draw their attention to the brand because they are Tyra Banks’ fans or just want to look like her.

Gift with the purchase is perfect strategy to achieve the goals of this campaign. People love free gifts, especially if they are as valuable as this makeup bag. Promotional campaign like this can help to create buzz around the business. It is also beneficial to improve costumer goodwill and get them interested to purchase the makeup in future.

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