Monday 31 August 2015

Silk has Launched a Promotional Campaign with Giveaways

The healthy products brand Silk has announced new promotional campaign with giveaways. It aims to build brand awareness and increase the number of members in the brand’s community. There are 2 types of giveaways – a gourmet ice cream maker as a grand prize and 5 sets of bamboo ice cream bowls as second prizes.

Silk has launched a promotional campaign with giveaways

In order to participate in the competition, customers need to sign up for the membership on Silk’s website and leave their e-mail. It is a great strategy to get customer’s e-mail. Even after the competition is over, company will still have a contact information and a right to send new promos or any other relevant information. Which gives room to permission marketing.

Why are giveaways beneficial for your business?

There are numerous advantages of giveaways. Firstly, this campaign helps to attract new customers and increase the profits. Secondly, leads to higher brand exposure, therefore improves brand awareness. The giveaway bowls are great for advertising, They can be easily branded with logo or refer to company's website, which is beneficial for product's promotion.

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