Friday 14 August 2015

Singapore Red Cross Offers Squeezy Stress Toys

Singapore Red Cross has been offering squeezy stress toys with every blood donation. Blood donors are offered these gifts for free during their blood donations, this is to help those donors who may be nervous or for when they need to tighten their veins.

Singapore Red Cross Offers Squeezy Stress Toys
Singapore Red Cross have chosen the perfect product for blood donations, these events are not known for being a relaxing occasion for donors. Many people are terrified of needles; many more find needles, injections and blood uncomfortable. By offering a stress toy, donors have something to squeeze and release their stress upon during the donation process to help them become calm.

Singapore Red Cross Offers Squeezy Stress Toys
This kind of product is perfect for any occasion, modern life can be stressful at times. These products are very popular as giveaways during conferences and events, they can be used as promotional products for individual companies as well. In the case of Singapore Red Cross, they have opted to go with a cute design, which could be repeated in any other occasion. 

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