Friday 14 August 2015

Branded fans as promotional marketing gift

You want to promote in the summer and search for a marketing gift? During the summer it's best to advertise with something making hot days cooler. A great summer promotion is to promote your brand or your new product with a branded fan. Chatime, a producer of tea, recently made a marketing event in Canada. They offered branded fans as giveaway for free.

Branded fans as promotional marketing gift 
Branded Fans are a fantastic way to promote. They offer a big branding area on the surface to print on your logo, your company's anniversary or your new product. As they are very useful in the summer to cool down, your brand awareness will increase for sure. Increasing the brand awareness, your sales volume will rise up, too. 

Marketing gifts like this fan are a amazing marketing tool. If you want to learn more about how promotional gifts can help to improve costumer recognition, feel free to contact us.

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