Tuesday 15 September 2015

Branded plastic cups by FC Bayern and Paulaner

The famous German brewery Paulaner and the German football club FC Bayern have had a business partnership for many years. One part of their collaboration is that you can buy Paulaner beer in their stadium, the Allianz Arena. You get the beer in free branded cups with the logo of FC Bayern and the logo of Paulaner printed on the cover.

Branded plastic cups by FC Bayern and Paulaner
This collaboration will have many benefits for both parties. Many people will take photos of their stadium visit with pictures of the cups on it, like the on above. By sending the pictures to their friends and posting them on social media platforms, many consumers will see the picture and the logos. 
This shows off a fantastic example to use social media platforms for your marketing for free, to increase your brand awareness and product recognition.

Besides, the visitors of the game will unconsciously connect the great enjoyment of drinking a cold beer and watching a game of their favorite football team with the brand. This will improve your costumer retention and surely raise your sales. 

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