Tuesday 15 September 2015

Branded Phone Stand - Marketing Gift

Branded items as marketing gifts are a great way to achieve brand activation. If they are creative and innovative, that is another bonus as it sticks in the minds of consumers. This makes the marketing approach more effective and memorable for customers. As can be seen in this case with a Branded phone stand from Bierhaus China, it is both innovative and effective for marketing efforts.

Branded Phone Stand - Marketing Gift
This was used as a marketing gift at a restaurant, after you pay the bill. This is an effective example of a marketing gift and a great use of it because it increases customer retention. Consumers who are delighted with the service they were given will likely return for custom. This customer satisfaction is increased with a gift to them. 

Branded Phone Stand - Marketing Gift

This gift is additionally great for brand awareness both for Bierhaus China, and Paulaner. Its branding will expose your business to potential consumers who see the phone stand being used. A great way to increase profitability for your company in a below the line marketing approach.

Summarizing the benefits of this marketing gift: 

The benefits of this marketing approach are clear, concise and effective:
  • Customer Retention
  • Brand Awareness and exposure
  • Profitability
If you would like to learn more about marketing gifts. Visit the Marketing Gifts blog to find a plethora of examples to inspire opportunities for profitability! 

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