Thursday 17 September 2015

Bikini Bod - Gift with Purchase - Earphones!

Earphones make a great gift with purchase, especially when they are very relevant to the core competencies of your business. Take for example the case of BikiniBod, earphones are a great way to promote there business because they are a business focused on the fitness and working out. Earphones are often used by people when working out, hence why it is a great marketing gift!

Bikini Bod - Gift with Purchase - Earphones! 

The benefits of marketing gifts used in this way:

BikiniBod have cleverly used this marketing gift as a way of operationalising their social media marketing. By using twitter as a way to promote this marketing gift they are encouraging consumers to share the post and to buy products from their web shop. A great way to increase profitability over all.

Not only does using a gift like this increase sales directly and also increase your social media presence, but it also benefits your company by bringing a better perception of your brand. In other words increased perceived value. This is because a gift with purchase positively impacts the way consumers view your business.

If you want to find out more about marketing gifts and their uses, check out the marketing gifts blog to find out more

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