Promo Gift: Free Mug from Nice Day! Coffee

When you see a gift with purchase that is not something out of the ordinary, don’t turn away from it. Often, these items are with the products not because the brand owners have run out of marketing ideas, but because they are closely in relation to the stuff that the brand is selling.

Take this free mug from Nice Day! Coffee as an example. Allow us to enlighten you about how this simple on-pack promotion can be favorable for the brand.

Promo Gift: Free Mug from Nice Day! Coffee

  • Another Cup is Love. Any homeowner in the world will never say ‘no’ to an extra mug, especially if it’s free. The reason for this is because, although this promo gift is a coffee mug, it doesn’t mean that that it can only be used for a hot or tea at night. When more friends have come over, and they are all coffee-drinkers, you need not worry about not having more container for the beverage.
  • Strategic Brand Placement. The brand name is strategically placed on the free mug, and so it will be hard to be missed by those who use it, as well as by the people the person is talking with. This is really beneficial for the brand because it is new, and more customer following is surely welcome.

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Los Angeles Angels’ Promotional Apron

What we love about pro sports teams is that they actually publish a season-long schedule of their promo gifts and activities on their websites, that’s why their fans have a clue of when they should get tickets for a certain game if they want to receive a commemorative giveaway from their favorite team. Whether it’s ice hockey or basketball or baseball, they all have cute marketing items which are to die for. As a matter of fact, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is giving away a gift with purchase apron on May 27th, as their way of celebrating the Memorial Day. 

While this is very patriotic of them, it is without a doubt that the team will be gaining some things from it. What are those things, you ask?

Los Angeles Angels’ Promotional Apron

  • More Ticket Sales. Super fans want to have anything that has the logo of their favorite team. It is something that they can show to their friends or keep with their other collections. Therefore, when they see this promotional apron on the list, more tickets will be sold, and more sales will be pulled in.
  • Bigger Number of Fans. The bigger number of fans will only come after this promo gift has been worn during the traditional BBQ party with family and friends. That won't be so bad, after all, since there will be more upcoming games to attend to.
  • More Knowledge about the Team. The big ‘A’ in the apron is a great chat-starter. Someone may ask the wearer of what it stands for, and then the latter will answer how he/she got it, and then the conversation starts. Who knows, maybe at the end of the day, he/she may have turned other people into Los Angeles Angels’ fans too.

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Branded Sauce Holder – Kewpie GWP

Kewpie is a popular brand of mayonnaise not just in Japan, which is its origin, but in other countries as well where people love creamy mayo on their salads. Another thing that makes it adorable and well-loved by the consumers is the cute kewpie dolls that adorn any box, packets and gift with purchase products coming from the same brand. In conjunction to this, let us highlight their newest gift for every purchase of a huge bottle of Roasted Sesame Dressing – a sauce holder that can be a cute addition to your condiments tray!

Branded Sauce Holder – Kewpie GWP
Mouthwatering Advantages for Kewpie
  • Extra Sales. Kewpie will garner extra sales out of this promo gift since customers love getting more than what they have paid for. Why will they get it rather than a merchandise that has no freebie with it? Because they don’t have much price difference, and the free item is well worth it.
  • Product Usefulness. Customers may find that if they don’t want to use the branded sauce holder for this purpose, they can use it as a desk décor, or a tumbler, or just about anything they can think of. Its usefulness will not be dampened by its quality either, because it is made out of first-rate material.
  • Higher Brand Significance. We will never grow tired of saying that brands become more significant to their current and future customers when they see that the thing that serves as their on-pack promotion has been given a lot of time and thinking before it was produced in the market.

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Lee Kum Kee Gift with Purchase – Free Microfiber Towel

Product innovation will never stop, as long as there is one human alive that craves for the betterment of the things he uses every day. We all like to think big, to outdo our own creations, and that’s why we all get to experience these cool gadgets and devices that have once only been a far-fetched dream of the greatest scientists of olden times. Yet, progress is not just evident to the digital world. Who knew that a regular towel can be revolutionized into something called ‘microfiber’ towel? Its difference from the former is that, when you use it to wipe the dining table or the countertop, there will be no thread marks or residues left.

If this is a new concept for you and you don’t know if you want to replace all your little towels with this, you can sample it now, as Lee Kum Kee is giving one away with every bottle of oyster sauce as a gift with purchase.

Lee Kum Kee Gift with Purchase – Free Microfiber Towel

Now, what good will this on-pack promotion do for the business?
  • Adds to the Sales. A promo gift like this is a useful household cleaning material, especially for those who have kids at home who tend to spill water or juice or milk on the any surface at times. The microfiber towel can ascertain that the couch or the table or the floor will be left spotless after using the towel on it.
  • Increases Brand Consciousness. Products that have freebies with them are definitely more eye-catching than the others that do not have them. They turn on people’s interest. So, when these people come to inspect the free microfiber towel, they see it’s from Lee Kum Kee. This is when brand consciousness increases, and this is what every brand wants.

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Promotional Beverage Warmer by Equal

We commend brands that do not limit themselves to the standards that other brands have set, that make their own rules as they progress, and that like to think out of the box when it is time to send promo gift items to the world once again. They love to – what is that famous expression? – go ‘out with the old, and in with the new’? Yes, that is more of what such brands are doing.

At present, Equal best represents this new wave of brands that have unique and more marketable promotional ideas. Their latest free stuff is an electric beverage warmer.

Promotional Beverage Warmer by Equal

How will it do well for the business?
  • Coffee or Tea or Milk Lovers Will Love it. The self-proclaimed hot beverage addicts will fall head over heels for this promotional beverage warmer, as they will be able to bring it in the café, their room, at their workplace, or anywhere that has an electric socket. This ensures that they will have to worry no more about lukewarm drinks, and there will be no more wasted coffee or tea or milk since they can just be placed on top of this useful freebie.
  • Sales Will Increase. The sales of the brand will undoubtedly increase because of this gift with purchase, because the number of consumers who go through several cups of hot beverages daily are too many to count.
  • Brand Becomes Even More Valued. This on-pack promotion may be new to the public’s eyes, but our smart consumers know of its potential significance to them. Hence, the brand that delivered it to the world becomes even more valued as well.

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Promotional Travel Bag from Chivas Regal

Luxurious liquor brands that have been around for ages perhaps find it outrageous to only be able to produce T-shirts or smaller items as a gift with purchase all the time, when they know they can give something even better and more useful than that to their avid customers. Chivas Regal, for instance, is giving away a promotional travel bag that looks so posh that it can be used in different kinds of occasions wearing various fashion styles.

Still unconvinced? Below are more reasons why you should get this promotional travel bag.

Promotional Travel Bag from Chivas Regal

  1. Convenient Bag. This promotional travel bag is handy, because it can be a storage for so many things: laptop, diaper, clothes, feeding bottles, and all sorts of documents. More importantly, it has an adjustable strap, so the consumer can use it like a messenger bag or a shoulder bag.
  2. Reasonably Priced. Since other bags like this promo gift cost more than a few dollars due to the high-quality materials when purchased on its own, that’s why getting this a freebie from a well-known liquor brand makes it very reasonably priced.
  3. Great for Brand Awareness. The brand name is stamped on the bag in a way that will make more people intrigued at what is written across the gift with purchase. This promotes greater awareness for Chivas Regal.

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Branded Party Speakers from Pringles

Parties will be a common event in the coming days, especially now that summer has started in most countries, while others are gearing up for school breaks. And wherever there is fun, music and dancing will not be too far behind.

Yet, having a blast may be dampened when electricity suddenly goes off, and there is no generator nearby to power up the huge speakers and the DJ-ing equipment. When this occurs, you need to improvise and not let the fun dwindle down. Try availing the branded portable speakers that Pringles is presenting as a promo gift in the market now which you can hook into your mobile phone, so that the party will be as amazing as ever!

Branded Party Speakers from Pringles

Apart from that, this is a great find when it comes to:
  • Affordability. The branded speakers will be more affordable for the consumers because you only have to buy a couple of Pringles to get it, instead of hiring an audio system. What it means is that you and your friends can control the songs that you play, and there will be no time limit.
  • Mobility. Regardless whether you are partying in a campsite, in the middle of the sea or at the desert, you can bob your head to the beat of your favorite song, thanks to the promo gift that's in the form of a handy portable mobile system.
  • Quality. The gift with purchase presumably is made of high-quality materials and is encased in a vessel that resembles tube of Pringles. If you bring this to a gathering of people who adore this brand of chips, they may even ask you to give it to them.

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