Bagsy Promo – Complimentary Compact Mirror

Grooming tools are essential in a woman’s daily life. Her hair cannot be sticking up on one end, the face cannot be oily enough to fry an egg on it, and her clothes should not look like they have just gotten out of the washing machine. She can only make sure that these aspects are well taken care of, of course, if she has a trusty compact mirror to bring everywhere. Check out this one from Bagsy.

Bagsy Promo – Complimentary Compact Mirror

Which factors can lure consumers to the GWP?
  • The Design. The print on the gift with purchase looks exotic, doesn't it? It is comparable to the image that certain apps produce when you move the subject in and out of focus.
  • The Brand Name. Bagsy is a famous cosmetics manufacturer in Britain. Therefore, a lot of people near the region will find it nice that it has a promo gift prepared for them.
  • The Description. This complimentary compact mirror does not require a whole paragraph to describe the benefits of having it. The words ‘magnifying’, ‘compact’ and ‘mirror’ suffice.

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Competitive Promotion offered by Coca Cola

Coca Cola just advertised with such a nice competitive promotion, where the customers can win different products by buying a refreshment drink and typing the code of it on their website.

Play on a football-table or riding your bike is for many people just as common as putting drinks into the fridge or play with a bean bag and therefore a perfect way to gain attention by your customers. Any of the cans could be a win for you on one of these products.

The opportunity to win such practical and high quality products will attract current and potential customers to buy a drink by Coca Cola and prefer it in the future. This will increase not only your sales, but also the brand awareness and attention to your brand and company during and after your marketing campaign.

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Gift from Watsons – Free Stylish Watches

We have been educated to tell time since we were in pre-school because the elders have known through experience how significant it will be in the future. A student needs to keep track of it in order to finish their exams on schedule; a new office worker cannot be late on their first day at work. Hence, free stylist watches that Watsons wants to offer to its consumers can be beneficial for many.

Gift from Watsons – Free Stylish Watches

Perks of the GWP for the Brand’s Clients
  • Modernized. While old versions of timepieces have numbers, this only has equal-sized lines. Such contemporary promotional merchandise are attractive to the millennials.
  • Convenient. Watsons clearly is not trying to act sophisticated by using leather bracelet that can peel off in time. As they used fabric here, the gift with purchase is providing extra convenience to the customers.
  • Affordable. This is a free promo gift, mind you. Yet, the style and the size of the face of the watch is comparable to the branded ones that amount to more than a hundred dollars in the market.

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Hanae Mori Giveaway – Classy Perfume Pouch

Manufacturers create a case for practically every single item that has a huge tendency of shattering to pieces when they fall down. Sunglasses, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are a few common examples of objects which have protective coverings designed for them. However, they are not alone on the planet anymore, as Hanae Mori has included a classy pouch for their small perfumes as promo gift.

Hanae Mori Giveaway – Classy Perfume Pouch

Which benefits can the brand attain from such marketing idea?
  1. Rise in sales. Consumers like free stuff in general. Thus, Hanae Mori can reach their quota faster when they have gift with purchase.
  2. Increase in visibility. In fear of wasting a prized perfume due to carelessness, the owners will surely take the free pouch everywhere. This helps others see the brand name more.
  3. Boost in consumer affection. The reason why many office employees transfer a portion of their fragrances in travel-sized plastic bottles is because they do not want to break the actual glass bottle at work. But the on-pack promotion can secure the product, so the customers can send more love to the brand.

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Shiseido Black Friday Idea – Customized Wristlet

Black Friday, one of the most awaited days in the Americans lives because of marketing products that they can obtain at highly discounted rates, ended not more than two weeks ago. And, for sure, the young and old citizens who have waited in long lines in their respective supermarkets that day cannot get this off their minds easily. Their memory of the said event may even strengthen once they see this GWP from Shiseido.

Shiseido Black Friday Idea – Customized Wristlet

Particular Parts of the Freebie that Customers Like
  • The Shape. Although ladies want a purse where they can dump their essentials, they do not appreciate items that bulk up. That’s why the slimness and wideness of the customized wristlet meets their standards.
  • The Color Combo. Red and black are two solid and dark colors which, if not mixed strategically, can result to cheap-looking promotional merchandise. However, as there are more of the latter than the former in this gift with purchase, it looks so stunning.
  • The Handle. The thin looped strap of the promo gift allows consumers to carry it on their palm or let it dangle on their arm. This can be convenient in certain circumstances.

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Free Stuffed Toy for Superdrug Christmas Promo

If there is something in common with the promotional ideas that various brands can generate for the season when we should all be jolly, it is the mere fact that they are either adorned or fully dominated with the red color. We can never blame them because of this though because even Father Christmas, among other things, is known to wear a matching suit in red. Thus, the stuffed toy of Superdrug will not be out of place.

Special Presents that the Company Can Get in Exchange
  • Higher Profits. Plush promotional products are not all similar in quality, as some manufacturers choose materials that are on the cheaper side. Yet, the top-caliber fabric and other ornaments used for this gift with purchase are so apparent that more sales are likely to come in heaps.
  • Grander Appreciation. While Christmas is the best time for families to be together, this is also a season when their relatives living or working abroad feel the loneliest. Hence, having this huggable, free stuffed toy can hopefully ease their longing a bit.
  • Year-round Recognition. Even though people store their winter clothes away after the holidays, they tend to put memorable stuff in a display case. Considering that the promo gift gives them good vibes, it cannot be forgotten by many.

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Gift with Purchase by Macy’s – Free Plates

In the number of years that you have endured in this lifetime, surely you have encountered various situations wherein the people around you show criticism towards the objects you like buying the most, even though there are probably dozens of the similar kind in your storage space. The typical items we are referring to are shoes, bags and clothes. However, if you stock up on kitchen plates, we seriously think their disapproving words will die down – especially when they find out the items have been given by Macy’s as promotional products.

Gift with Purchase by Macy’s – Free Plates

Wanted Facets of the GWP
  • Uniqueness. We may have been too used to the regular look of this particular dining utensil that other manufacturers have not thought of extending the graphics from end to end. Thanks to this though, Macy’s free plates came out very distinct.
  • Stylishness. Even the long-time creators of plates are not brave enough to innovate with their designs. But this brand has done the unexpected and produced a promo gift that many will love.
  • Handiness. When you live alone, friends and family members will naturally want to visit your place often to check on you. How many will be coming every time, specifically this Christmas, may not always be known to you, so it is good to have as much of this gift with purchase as possible.

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