Star Wars Promo Tumbler - Movie Merchandise by Hapee

Do you think movies become box-office hits because the fans just want to see the actors in the big screen? That isn't wrong, but it's not entirely right either. Many of these people adore the flicks that pull them into their fictional world and make them shortly forget the present.

Among the highly successful franchises of old is the Star Wars. Everyone knows about it, and some go as far as collecting movie merchandises. In case you want one for your child too, here is a promo tumbler from a local toothpaste company named Hapee.

Star Wars Promo Tumbler - Movie Merchandise by Hapee

Admirable Facets of the Promo Tumbler

  • Proper Size. This tumbler is intended for the young consumers. For that reason, the volume of fluid that the gift with purchase can hold is enough for a kid.
  • Detailed Design. The promotional product is a fantastic replica of R2-D2, the heroic droid in the film series. Its distinctive parts even seem three-dimensional; that's why it's super rad.
  • Great to Collect. The design on the advertising gift does not look like it'll fade immediately. Thus, once your child outgrows the merchandise, you may turn it into a collectible and display with the rest of your Star Wars items.
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Custom Pillow for Kids from Robinsons Department Store

From all the items you've received as a child, there surely is at least one that you can't let go of until now. It may be a toy that your favorite family member gave you. It can also be a story book that you once spent hours reading with your little best friend in your makeshift castle. Whatever gift that may be, your own child, niece, or nephew should grow up with an object to cherish too. If you haven't given them any yet, this custom pillow from Robinsons Department Store is a snuggly option for you.

Custom Pillow for Kids from Robinson's Department Store

What we've gathered about the custom pillow is that it:

  • Looks Fantastic. The promotional product has that three-dimensional vibe, which isn't impossible because of the stuffing inside it. The design, however, is super detailed that you may primarily think it's a real popcorn bucket from afar.
  • Grows Commitment. Buying a high-quality pillow this big may cost no less than $5 on its own. But the brand offers it as a gift with purchase, so the consumers may feel extra dedicated to Robinsons.
  • Helps Sales. You must meet a certain amount to obtain the free plush merchandise. The more people work to comply to this requirement, the better it will be for the company's profits.
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Ralph Lauren Giveaway: Promo Key Chain

A promo key chain deserves more advertising recognition that it is receiving now. I mean, the small giveaways that a consumer can keep in their pockets all the time are rare, but it counts as one. The item also works as an anchor to your important keys; that's why many won't want it out of their sight. Especially now, of course, if it's as attractive as the freebie from Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Giveaway: Promo Key Chain

Cool Things It Can Do for a Brand

  • Heighten Gains. This is a gift with purchase that people can attach to anything. The light pink on the logo may not even prevent the male customers to obtain the product, since it really isn't an issue these day. For that reason, the sales can escalate earlier than expected.
  • Increase Brand Awareness. When a client connects the promotional merchandise to the car, house, or office keys, those around them will notice it for sure. Hence, it exposes the brand to more potential shoppers.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty. The middle-class consumers sometimes think that purchasing one from a high-end label is too much. However, including a promo gift with every regular item may help them see that they can be generous too. This will then allow the customers' loyalty to develop towards this brand.
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Dove's Free Travel Organizer You Shouldn't Miss

Regardless if you'll be away from home for a day or a week, it sucks to realize you've forgotten a personal effect unintentionally. You are BFFs with the goddess (or god?) of luck in case you remember that 5 minutes to the location. If you're not, you need to get by without it for a bit. But maybe the heavens are showing mercy to your forgetful self, because Unilever's Dove brand has a free travel organizer just for you!

Dove's Free Travel Organizer You Shouldn't Miss

Reasons to NOT Ignore the Free Travel Organizer

  • It is roomy. When you're good at folding clothes, you can squeeze in as much as 10 garments in this in-pack promotion. It may not even be an absolute necessity to take an extra luggage for a short trip because of the case.
  • Canvas is life. Apart from being soft, the fabric will follow the shape of the items you'll put in it. Once they are unpacked, you may roll it up to a quarter of its real size. Washing it is possible as well. Thus, you can live with this gift with purchase.
  • Logo stays on. Any promo product that has polka dots seems interesting. You scrutinize each circle to see whether they're a part of a big pattern or holds another design in it. Despite that, the golden dove at the center ensures that people who'll see you with the marketing gift will also know where you got it.
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