Increasing brand awareness with a fancy Batman keyring as free giveaway

Nothing is cooler than promoting your business with Batman branded merchandise. That's exactly what do on their Twitter page to enhance the sales number of their online shop.

Increasing brand awareness with a fancy Batman keyring as free giveaway
This kind of collaboration between the brand Batman and is a great example how two brands can benefit from one marketing campaign. Future Batman movies and comics will get more recognition by costumers and will get Batman fans as costumers.
By using marketing gifts which directly match with their product portfolio, this campaign shows off a wonderful example of a below-the-line-marketing strategy.

Mainly, keyrings are a fantastic promotional product, as they offer a great branding space on the cover to print your logo or your artwork on it. They will be used many times the day and the costumer therefore will often think of where they got if from.

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Wine Glass as Gift with Purchase

Portuguese port wine house Taylor’s Fladgate announced new promotional campaign. Every customer purchasing the bottle of Taylor’s Port red wine will get a wine glass as gift with purchase.
Wine Glass as Gift with Purchase
By the shape and design of the wine glass is possible to deliver different wine experiences. As the brand chooses the right wine glass for the particular kind of wine, thus making it easier to shape the perception and influence the taste of wine. For superior wine experience, it is important to take multiple factors into consideration, when serving the wine – the optimal temperature of the wine and the right wine glass. It helps to open up a wine bouquet and experience the full flavor intensity.

Wine glasses are a perfect choice for gift with purchase, especially for wine business. Furthermore, it is a great tool to stimulate sales, improve the consumers’ perception of the brand and the quality of the particular product. Moreover, wine glasses hold advertising potential, they can be easily branded and will continue to be promotional products long after wine has gone. Association with excellent taste and superb wine experience, will make customers to come back for more, thereby stimulating them for repetitive purchase.

Macy's Marketing Gifts: Velvet pouch!

Macy's are using their ingenuity and offering marketing gifts alongside purchases, one such example is with their sales of the Gucci fragrance Bamboo where they are giving away a luxurious velvet pouch!

Macy's Marketing Gifts: Velvet pouch! 

The pouch is the perfect kind of marketing gift for a product from Gucci. It is inline with the rest of their ostentatious marketing efforts and is a gift with purchase that certainly adds value to the fragrance. It stands out among other fragrances that don't offer gifts with purchase and makes consumers more likely to purchase Gucci bamboo over other competitors products.

The benefits of using marketing gifts like this one

  • Increased Sales - as aforementioned the gift with purchase can increase sales through the competitive advantage of adding value to the purchase for your consumers
  • Expanded Ecosystem - The luxurious ecosystem of Gucci's marketing is extended with a useful gift like this, as it stays in line with the luxurious image of Gucci products. The same logic can be applied to any brand.
  • Cross fertilization of products - In the case of Gucci, offering a velvet pouch specifically with the fragrance adds potential for cross fertilization. Perhaps consumers would be more likely to purchase Gucci products to put in their Gucci pouch!
  • Affordable Gifts - When it comes to luxurious brands like Gucci, using promotional gifts that are outsourced provides an affordable way to extend your brand, rather than giving away the expensive alternative of in house produce.
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Useful Phone Holder as Promotional Gift

In our highly connected world, nearly everyone has a smartphone and these are used many times a day. That's why a promotional item which is used with a smartphone is great to advertise with. A fantastic option is therefore branded phone holders.
Useful Phone Holder as Promotional Gift 
These phone holders are available in many different colors, so it's easy to find the right one for your company or your products. Alongside this, you can use it to store your headphones in an easy way. All the different possible applications are the reason why a branded phone holder is perfect to enhance costumer retention and brand awareness.

Useful Phone Holder as Promotional Gift
You can give these phone holders away for free to reach as many possible costumers as possible, which will help to increase brand recognition and product awareness. Another possibility is to use them as on pack gift directly in stores or in your online shop to raise your sales in a short time. 

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Silk has Launched a Promotional Campaign with Giveaways

The healthy products brand Silk has announced new promotional campaign with giveaways. It aims to build brand awareness and increase the number of members in the brand’s community. There are 2 types of giveaways – a gourmet ice cream maker as a grand prize and 5 sets of bamboo ice cream bowls as second prizes.

Silk has launched a promotional campaign with giveaways

In order to participate in the competition, customers need to sign up for the membership on Silk’s website and leave their e-mail. It is a great strategy to get customer’s e-mail. Even after the competition is over, company will still have a contact information and a right to send new promos or any other relevant information. Which gives room to permission marketing.

Why are giveaways beneficial for your business?

There are numerous advantages of giveaways. Firstly, this campaign helps to attract new customers and increase the profits. Secondly, leads to higher brand exposure, therefore improves brand awareness. The giveaway bowls are great for advertising, They can be easily branded with logo or refer to company's website, which is beneficial for product's promotion.

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Gift with purchase new promotional campaign for Tyra Beauty

Makeup brand Tyra Beauty announced a new campaign to promote their sales. Every customer with purchase for at least $50 is going to get a free gift – branded makeup bag worth $25.

One of the main promotional techniques the brand is using is so called celebrity endorsement. This brand is famous model Tyra Banks’ business and is actively promoted by her. But as it is a relatively new brand, new promotional campaign is meant to boost the sales and build brand awareness.

Gift with purchase new promotional campaign for Tyra Beauty

This makeup bag is of high-quality, stylish and spacious to store all the beauty essentials. This is all a girl could ask for. As it is a branded makeup bag, Tyra Banks’ reputation within fashion industry and as beauty icon has a power to influence people to buy the products. First of all, it gives the brand credibility and even some degree of trustworthiness. Second of all, consumers might draw their attention to the brand because they are Tyra Banks’ fans or just want to look like her.

Gift with the purchase is perfect strategy to achieve the goals of this campaign. People love free gifts, especially if they are as valuable as this makeup bag. Promotional campaign like this can help to create buzz around the business. It is also beneficial to improve costumer goodwill and get them interested to purchase the makeup in future.

Macy's Marketing Gift with Purchase: Free towel!

Macy's the American department store is offering this great gift with purchase when you buy the fragrance "Cool Water" by Davidoff. It's a great way to add value to the purchase of the product and also adds a feeling of a brand ecosystem, associating Cool water with towels and summer related activities. This shows a great seasonal addition!

Macy's Marketing Gift with Purchase: Free towel! 
As can be seen the sleek design of this towel certainly adds promotional value to the purchase of the fragrance. This adds value to the consumers purchase, but their are many more business benefits to having promotional marketing gifts such as this one.

What are the benefits of these kinds of marketing gifts?

  • Brand Awareness - Consumers will market your brand for you with products like this towel, consider when they take it to the beach or swimming baths. Your brand will be exposed to many via a towel like this one. 
  • Competitive advantage - Especially in the case of fragrances, marketing gifts are very prevalent , having a quality gift like a towel can make you stand out among many that offer homogeneous marketing gifts. However the applications are much greater for a towel, and can be applied as a gift to many products
  • Seasonal demand boosts - Summer time is a great time to add a promotional gift like this to your product, where towels come in handy the most a gift like this would certainly assist with seasonal demand. Increasing profit.
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