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Cosmetics On-Pack Promo spotted at Cosmoprof Asia 2014

We visited the Cosmoprof Asia 2014 (international cosmetics fair) in Hong Kong this week. We were happily checking what was new on the cosmetics market this year when we spotted this very nice cosmetics on-pack promo.

Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Asia 2014
Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Asia 2014

This cosmetics on-pack promo includes a pen, a leather cosmetic pouch (filled with Farma Dermis products) and a mini 2015 calendar.

We liked:
  • The debossed logo on the cosmetic pouch (increasing the perceived value of the gift)
  • The pen style, really targeting women with the golden little chain.
  • The nice cardboard box, we believe that the packaging is almost as important as the gift itself.
Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Hong Kong 2014
Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Hong Kong 2014

The calendar is not very linked to Farma Dermis' line of products which may surprise a few clients at first, they would wonder why they included such a gift into a cosmetics on-pack promo. But when you think about it, a calendar, if ever used by the client, will last for a year which ensure long term visibility. It may not be such a bad idea after all...

If you need some help with your next cosmetics on-pack promo or marketing gifts campaign, we recommend you check out this great blog: TOP 100 ideas for cosmetic companies.

Feel free to contact us if you want some more ideas (or a quotation!). Sometimes, you can really boost your sales just by choosing the right promo gift...

Glass Bottom Canoe

Just to explain how wide a category Promotional Products or Marketing gifts can be, we are now promoting our latest product.  Learn how even a Glass Bottom Canoe can be a great Marketing Gift.
Glass Bottom Canoe
Glass Bottom Canoe
Any service company near an area with great lakes or sea adventure areas could use this product. Here are some of our ideas and we would love to hear yours for our comments section.
  • Change the plastic from yellow to another pantone, one which matches your branding.   This could be black, pink, red, or whatever colour works for your brand.
  • Print Strong Logos on the Canoe allowing for massive visibility.
  • Hash Tag on the glass bottom canoe.   Make sure that pictures which are taken through the glass can be linked to Twitter, Instagram or other online marketing without being too intrusive.
  • Hold a competition so that shops, individuals or companies have a chance to win these and get them on the market.   Individuals will use them, but beach side stores could maybe rent these out and get additional income.
  • Instead of using these as a pure Marketing Gift, use a PWP or Purchase with Purchase Marketing Mechanism for shops who carry your range of product exclusively.  Sell these at a discount in the understanding that your brand will get cheap and long lasting visibility which means Advertising.
  • Gift with Purchase.  You can use the canoe if you buy a service such as subscribe to diving course, stay at a hotel, eat at a restaurant etc..   This is a promotion on a promotion.
Look forward to hearing your ideas.   Remember, that the term Marketing Gifts can include such a wide range of products.  It doesn't have to stop with Glass Bottom Canoes. Challenge us and our Mindsparkz Design Team today do design something awesome for your brand.

Rugby ball shape promogift ideas for supporters

Here is another idea from the Hong Kong Mega Show that will surely appeal to all the rugby lovers out there: the rugby ball shape raincoat.

Rugby Ball Shape Poncho - Promogift
Custom shape rain ponchos - Hong Kong MEGA SHOW

The product is a thin waterproof poncho folded and rolled into a custom shape plastic ball. The ball itself is no more than 6cm and comes with a key chain.

This product is:
- Useful
- Perfect for Football (American Football) or Rugby supporters
- Cheap
- Easy to carry

If you liked this product as much as we do, you may also like this other one: rugby ball shaped compressed towels.

Rugby Shape Poncho - Promo gifts
Set of 5 rugby ball shape compressed towel
It's another very cost effective yet pretty cool giveaway for any sport-related event.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question!

Funky drying rack

Ever wonder how you could impress your client with a drying rack?   This Silicone Grass counter top display allows you to neatly position your washed dishes in a fun way.   There is loads of scope for logo positioning and customising.
Drying Rack for cutlery
Drying Rack for cutlery

Let us introduce you to the green grass drying rack for cutlery.   We loved this product because of:
  • its utility
  • its long term exposure
  • its cool design
Obviously the colour of the tray and plastic grass can be changed to match your brand identity but we really loved the "green" touch.

Thirsty for water bottles?

Walking along the alleys at the Hong Kong Mega Show, this booth full of drink bottles caught our attention.

Soft touch (rubberised) high end water bottles
What we really like with these water bottles is:
  • Their flashy colours (good visibility)
  • Their very high end finishing (rubberised plastic, high quality lid)
  • Their price: very low as opposed to their perceived value

Drink bottle with "smart" lid

 These water bottle are perfect for:
  • Gym subscription gift
  • Sport events giveaway (marathon, etc.)
  • Drink companies (on pack promo)
  • Sport magazines cover-mount

Military style water bottle

They come in many different styles, feel free to contact us for more information.

Facebook Like Gifts

Facebook Like Gifts are increasingly popular where brands direct you to their Facebook pages instead of their own websites.   Whilst many companies are hosting a range of giveaways and promotions on their social media sites, now they promotional products are driving clients back to those social media portals also.  

ODM has a wide range of marketing blogs which show the strength of the Facebook Like Gifts and concentration of brands on this marketing segment.   In the photo below you will see Singaporean Telco Giant Singtel driving people to Facebook.   This is a simple but very effective trade show giveaway and desktop promo.   You could print your own from qtys as little as 1000 pcs.

Facebook Like Gifts
Facebook Like Gifts & Retro Floppy Disks 
This week we had a team of 5 from ODM visiting the HK Mega Show to look at recent trends on marketing gifts and promotions.  The memo pads above are similar in construction, but we love the contrast from New Marketing with Facebook Like Gifts and Retro Marketing with Floppy Disk drives as the memo pad base design.

Look out for more Facebook Like Gifts on your market. Send in your favorite case study for inclusion on our blogs. feel free to get on our page and like us too.

In Store Marketing Gifts

In Store Marketing Gifts
In Store Marketing Gifts drive are a key tool used by brands to drive sales.   In stores around the world Gillette are continuing to expand their market share by offering Gifts with Purchase.   Before we analyse their latest promotion in the UK lets check out what is happening around the world.

Some similar In Store Marketing Gifts

  • Rexona in store marketing offers chance to win signed All Black Jerseys.   We can only imagine what is in store for next year with the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
  • Gillette in Brazil offer a whole range of merchandise in store.
  • Even in Hong Kong Gillette are working on Sports Merchandising with this neat Mini Jersey giveaway.
  • In contrast this in-store gift box combines standard products and does not include any special or stand out gift.    Our least favourite of the lot.

If you see another interesting in store promotion maybe send through to the promotional product specialists team at the Promo Gift Blog for inclusion and in order to get your company listed.  What in-store marketing gifts caught your eye recently?

    Gillette Towel as In Store Marketing Gift

    Offering a box with 2 items and a Towel means that Gillette have chosen a "Complimentary Promotional Product."  This means that the giveaway can be used in conjunction with the core Gillette cosmetic items.  This makes for a strong and attractive in store marketing gift set.

    This promotion is labelled as Vintage and I suppose that some of the design and the colours are a lot more muted than the promotional gifts labelled above.   You can see the towel through the packaging making it instantly visible.   You might also notice that this box pack and the one next to it are both at GBP 10.   The one with the promotional gift as opposed to more razor blades seemed to be selling more from the nearby shelves we witnessed, but would love to hear more from Gillette on the actual market forces and reception.   The ongoing promotions must indicate that promotional products are a key sales driver for their continued market leadership.
    In Store Marketing Gifts by Gillette
    In Store Marketing Gifts by Gillette
    The plastic gift box is great for storing all the items together and for travel.   These are easy to make and certainly increase the perceived value of this promotion.   The towel above seems to be a microfiber and not a cotton towel.   These are super absorbent and fold away nicely for travel.   Increasingly popular, ODM can manufacture custom towels like this with MOQ as little as 1000 pcs.

    Finally, you will notice that Gillette have firmly stamped their logo on this promotional towel.   Here we see one of ODM staff visiting a factory in China to help a client quality control some towels. Hope this will help you learn more about manufacturing processes.