Branded Sauce Plate from Select Soy Sauce

Condiments play an important role on everybody’s favorite dish. Any noodle recipe cannot be complete minus salt. Flans will not be sweet without sugar. Dumplings won’t be as great if you do not have soy sauce to dip them into. All in all, they enhance the taste of foods to make them more appealing to our palates.

And they become most appealing when there is a gift with purchase waiting for consumers. Like with Select Soy Sauce, for instance, you can get a free kitchen product in the form of a yellow sauce plate.

Branded Sauce Plate from Select Soy Sauce

Delicious Benefits from a Free Gift with Purchase
  • Related to the Merchandise. Some consumers have to think twice before getting a specific promo gift because they do not know where the free item can be of use. However, with this particular sauce plate, they know what it is for and how it is related to the merchandise.
  • Upsurge in Sales. Giving a simple on-pack promotion is necessary in order for the customers to just put the product in their cart and move on to the next entry on the list. They immediately see its usefulness, and so there will be an upsurge in sales for the brand.
  • Healthier Brand Consciousness. Select is a local brand that does not have a lot of supporters yet. But due to the free sauce plate, it will be more known to potential consumers.

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Promotional Changing Mat by Growee

It is customary for public restrooms to have a changing table where moms and dads can clean up their child’s blown up diaper. This is a thoughtful idea, because consumers used to be frantic whenever the baby unfortunately soils his or her pants when they are not in a house. They simply cannot tell their little nugget when to do the #2, so the adults have be the ones to make adjustments.

But irrespective of the additions made by establishments on their powder rooms, families still have to bring a changing mat to place the baby on. Well, tell you what – you can get the on-pack promotion when you purchase a 150-mL bottle of Growee drops.

Promotional Changing Mat by Growee

Clear Advantages of a Promotional Changing Mat
  • Faultless Brand Visibility. As shown on the promo gift package, the brand logo and slogan are distinctly placed on the mat. The potential consumers will see it immediately even from afar. The new owners of the product as well will remember to buy again from the brand.
  • Captures Consumers’ Affection. Consumers normally are warmer to brands that employ gift with purchase in their marketing ideas. They feel wiser when they can get two products in one every time. This makes the changing mat a great decision.
  • Appeals to More Customers. Newbies when it comes to child-rearing always ask for recommendations from the seasoned parents about which brands are appropriate for their babies’ needs. Growee’s merchandise are already the go-to food supplement of Filipino mothers, but there is no doubt that the promotional mat makes the brand valuable to more customers.

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Marketing Idea by Jagger - Free Keychain

There are people who become patrons of a locksmith’s shop not because they are always buying houses and other properties, but because they often misplace their keys and therefore have to change their entire security system afterwards. The time they should be spending on more relevant things like grocery shopping or attending business meetings gets eaten up by the locks that require replacing.

Apart from the fact that it is time-consuming, it is also quite expensive. If only you have thought of attaching a keychain to them earlier, right? But hey, no need to feel sorry, as you can get this item from the Jagger on-pack promotion. Then you can give the regular product to your child, niece or nephew.

Marketing Idea by Jagger - Free Keychain

Non-Verbal Inclusions of a Gift with Purchase
  • Added Revenue. The things found in the packaging – toothbrush and free keychain – do not have expiration dates. You can purchase as many as you like, store them in your closet for months, and use them whenever you want.
  • Greater Brand Awareness. When you think of promotional ideas, think big. Do not settle with a promo gift that has to be concealed all the time, like an underwear or a knife. The keychain is great example of a merchandise that can promote better brand awareness, especially if you use it for your car keys, as more people can see it.
  • Easier Brand Marketing. You can advertise your brand similar to how Jagger has done it. Instead of using words or printing their logo on stuff, they just mass-produced the monkey that serves as the mascot of the brand, and then put a keyring on top to make it a keychain. It makes marketing process easier overall.

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Twin Glasses - Promo Gift by Glenmorangie

Having twins brings luck to the whole family, according to some superstitious beliefs. Whatever blessing comes your way when a child is born, it gets doubled by the birth of twins. However, as they gain years in this world, you will notice that you cannot buy anything for the first-born that has a different style or design as your second-born’s, because then WWIII will take place in your house. Even when these two reach the drinking age, they may still want the same things. So, the undying solution is to get two of everything, from toys to bikes to shoes to polo shirts.

Now you can even go as far as getting them twin glasses because Glenmorangie is giving them away in a single on-pack promotion.

Twin Glasses - Promo Gift by Glenmorangie
Recompenses of Gifts with Purchase
  • Better Chances of Getting Sold. Consumers will surely get a product that contains two promo gift items instead of one. They like the fact that it makes them a smarter buyer when they can find such promotional ideas that can keep them from overspending.
  • Additional Consumer Gratitude. Even though the gift with purchase will be used for an alcoholic drink, the booze will not wash away the customers’ gratitude for the brand for coming up with such a cool gift.
  • Bigger Brand Significance. The free glasses help the brand attain more significance in the heart of the consumers. Aside from the whiskey, they also like the high-quality, thick-bottomed freebie that will cost a fortune when bought in the store.

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Clinique Promotional Idea: Branded Soap Dish

Traveling is fun. However, not all travelers are as adventurous as the next person you will see come out of the door. Even when they want to engage with the natives in a certain place, and experience what it is like to wake up in a different city and walk in the park with new people, they sometimes cannot bring themselves to eat local foods or use products which are domestically made there.

We see no reason why this should be frowned upon. There simply are people who are strict about what things they put in and out of their body, and there is no prevailing law which prohibits them from doing as they please. Moreover, if it is a high-end soap that this person wants, this can be purchased from Clinique, with the added benefit of obtaining a branded soap dish, free of charge.

Clinique Promotional Idea: Branded Soap Dish

Yet, what are the advantages it can provide to the brand?
  • Upholding Its Stature. Clinique is a well-known brand. It has already achieved wide recognition as a manufacturer of high-end merchandise. Yet, giving away a promo gift that is as useful and as elegant as this does nothing but uphold the company’s stature in the society.
  • Strengthening Consumer Loyalty. The branded soap dish is an on-pack promotion that is quite fresh to Clinique’s clientele. They are more used to tote bags and other things like that that, but it does not mean that this free gift cannot strengthen the consumers’ loyalty to the brand.
  • Makes Consumers Want More Products. The gift with purchase can kindle the people’s possible desire to have shampoo and conditioner containers as well that are both branded, since they have made it happen to a soap holder.

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On-the-house Bristle Brush from Billy Jealousy

Men are like women, for the reason that they also need to get special grooming products for different parts of their body. Gone were those men who can bathe with an unbranded, cheap soap that can sometimes double as a shampoo. How about the guys who can go out without perfume or staring at their appearance in the mirror? They may be as extinct as the wild dinosaurs now as well.

The characteristic that has not left most of them, however, is their passion for growing beards. Well, long or medium-length, bushy or not, consumers can get this bristle brush from Beard Envy kit of Billy Jealousy. Since it is on-pack promotion, of course, it can be availed for free.

On-the-house Bristle Brush from Billy Jealousy

Masculine Advantages of Free Bristle Brush
  • Hard-wearing Promo Gift. The brush is made from high-quality wood for frame, and hard-wearing bristles. This gift with purchase can withstand the thickness of any beard without getting broken for a long time.
  • Solid Brand Placement. Manly men will find it easy to remember the brand where they first got this useful free bristle brush due to the logo placed at the wide back of the material.
  • Wild Brand Recognition. You can, but you should not use the same brush you comb the hair on top of your head with to your beard, as the latter is coarser than the former. Your beard will just get tangled to the hairbrush. Guys sporting facial hair naturally will wish to know what kind of brush they can utilize, so when the person they have spoken to knows about the Beard Envy, the brand can achieve wild recognition.

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Cute Pencil Organizer - GWP by SM Travels

All of us have attended school for more reasons than you can conceive. Some do it because of their elders’ prompting, or because they are after their lunch money. Others, on the other hand, really find pleasure in listening to the teachers’ discussions and participating in group activities.

But do you know what is tougher than waking up early so that you will not be left by the service bus? It is going to school without a pen or a pencil, and none of your friends have a spare one. Totally horrific! If you have not been sent to detention because the homeroom adviser thought you just do not want to write rather than you have nothing to write with, consider yourself as lucky.

To avoid this from happening to the future students, why don’t you ensure that you get a free pencil organizer that is similar to this one from SM Travels?

Cute Pencil Organizer - GWP by SM Travels

Other Perks of Having a GWP Pencil Organizer
  • High Quality Item. Typical pencil cases are made of plastic, metal or soft fabric which all fail in comparison with this gift with purchase. Rather than just dropping your pens in it, you can stash them on the gartered compartments so that they will remain in place even if you move your bag upside down.
  • Heightens Consumer Commitment. Customers have a steadfast commitment to the brand that always has promo gift stuff for them. They like that after spending a few hundred dollars in the store, they can go home with a free item.

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