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Facebook Like Gifts

Facebook Like Gifts are increasingly popular where brands direct you to their Facebook pages instead of their own websites.   Whilst many companies are hosting a range of giveaways and promotions on their social media sites, now they promotional products are driving clients back to those social media portals also.  

ODM has a wide range of marketing blogs which show the strength of the Facebook Like Gifts and concentration of brands on this marketing segment.   In the photo below you will see Singaporean Telco Giant Singtel driving people to Facebook.   This is a simple but very effective trade show giveaway and desktop promo.   You could print your own from qtys as little as 1000 pcs.

Facebook Like Gifts
Facebook Like Gifts & Retro Floppy Disks 
This week we had a team of 5 from ODM visiting the HK Mega Show to look at recent trends on marketing gifts and promotions.  The memo pads above are similar in construction, but we love the contrast from New Marketing with Facebook Like Gifts and Retro Marketing with Floppy Disk drives as the memo pad base design.

Look out for more Facebook Like Gifts on your market. Send in your favorite case study for inclusion on our blogs. feel free to get on our page and like us too.

In Store Marketing Gifts

In Store Marketing Gifts
In Store Marketing Gifts drive are a key tool used by brands to drive sales.   In stores around the world Gillette are continuing to expand their market share by offering Gifts with Purchase.   Before we analyse their latest promotion in the UK lets check out what is happening around the world.

Some similar In Store Marketing Gifts

  • Rexona in store marketing offers chance to win signed All Black Jerseys.   We can only imagine what is in store for next year with the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
  • Gillette in Brazil offer a whole range of merchandise in store.
  • Even in Hong Kong Gillette are working on Sports Merchandising with this neat Mini Jersey giveaway.
  • In contrast this in-store gift box combines standard products and does not include any special or stand out gift.    Our least favourite of the lot.

If you see another interesting in store promotion maybe send through to the promotional product specialists team at the Promo Gift Blog for inclusion and in order to get your company listed.  What in-store marketing gifts caught your eye recently?

    Gillette Towel as In Store Marketing Gift

    Offering a box with 2 items and a Towel means that Gillette have chosen a "Complimentary Promotional Product."  This means that the giveaway can be used in conjunction with the core Gillette cosmetic items.  This makes for a strong and attractive in store marketing gift set.

    This promotion is labelled as Vintage and I suppose that some of the design and the colours are a lot more muted than the promotional gifts labelled above.   You can see the towel through the packaging making it instantly visible.   You might also notice that this box pack and the one next to it are both at GBP 10.   The one with the promotional gift as opposed to more razor blades seemed to be selling more from the nearby shelves we witnessed, but would love to hear more from Gillette on the actual market forces and reception.   The ongoing promotions must indicate that promotional products are a key sales driver for their continued market leadership.
    In Store Marketing Gifts by Gillette
    In Store Marketing Gifts by Gillette
    The plastic gift box is great for storing all the items together and for travel.   These are easy to make and certainly increase the perceived value of this promotion.   The towel above seems to be a microfiber and not a cotton towel.   These are super absorbent and fold away nicely for travel.   Increasingly popular, ODM can manufacture custom towels like this with MOQ as little as 1000 pcs.

    Finally, you will notice that Gillette have firmly stamped their logo on this promotional towel.   Here we see one of ODM staff visiting a factory in China to help a client quality control some towels. Hope this will help you learn more about manufacturing processes.

    Marketing Gifts from China

    We're always on the lookout for Marketing Gifts from China.    On the top shelves of 7-11 stores we were impressed by this Gatorade Purchase with Purchase promotion.
    Marketing Gifts from China
    Marketing Gifts from China
    Given that the display is on the top shelf it is quite eye catching and the advert and bag are not hampered by a vertical shelving limit.    The POS display is just a simple black tray to hold some of the bottles to show flavours.  There is an orange backing card holding the advertising message and explaining the purchasing mechanism to trigger this Marketing.

    Gatorade is a Sports Energy drink.    Giving away a dedicated Shoe Bag is excellent marketing for a brand so associated with sport.   Think of all the sports with specialist shoes.   Sure most people have simple running shoes for athletics, gym work and group workout classes.   However, you also have specialist football and rugby studs, Golf Spikes, Tennis & Squash indoor runners to name but a few.   Having a shoe bag to keep this kit away from clean bags is very useful and sure to be a winner.

    Marketing Gifts from China - Gatorade In Store Promotions.

    Gatorade are frequent users of Marketing Gifts from China, and we see lots of promotions in stores.   Here are some of the other examples of this type of promotion we have seen.

    Marketing Gifts from China - the mechanism

    At ODM we are big fans of the PWP (Purchase with Purchase) promotional products delivery mechanism.   A Gift with Purchase is generally a much lower value item.   PWP allows marketing managers to get much higher end marketing gifts onto the market without breaking the bank.  Buy 2 bottles of Gatorade and spend HK$ 19.90 and you get this sports bag.   That is an additional spend of less than US$ 3/pc. and this should cover the costs of the bag.   Compare this high utility branded marketing gift with a low cost GWP promotion like the lanyard mentioned earlier and I know which one I would choose.

    What do you think of this promotion?

    Video Games Promotion - Micromania France

    If you like video games, you probably know Micromania, the most famous video game retailer in France. Micromania is currently running an in shop gift with purchase promotion.

    Micromania GWP in France
    The promotion is simple: "Buy Super Smash Bros for 3DS to get a free dog tag", and it works very well. Obviously, people will not buy a game just to get the dog tag but if they were hesitating between one game and another, they will surely go with the one that offers a promogift.

    Buy the game to get a free engraved dog tag

    It's also a very good way to get collectors buying a game. Collectors are naturally attracted to these kind of gifts, that's why they usually go for the special or collectors edition when a game is released (although it's $50 to $60 extra than the regular version): the goodies make the difference for them.

    Some people actually takes videos of themselves opening a Special Edition box and these videos can reach over a million views on YouTube:

    If you are interested in video game promotion, you should check out some of the blogs below: 
    Contact us if you want us to brainstorm for you on what goodies you should include to your very own collectors edition.

    Recipe Book Gift With Purchase

    Hendricks are expanding their marketing and brand visibility with more Gifts with Purchase.   Pick up this cocktail recipe book as a Gift With Purchase when you buy a bottle Duty Free in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

    The POS display is really attractive with space in the cabinet for bottles with their presentation boxes and GWP Cups.   The synthetic grass top and plants tie create an excellent nature theme around the store.   Note cucumbers in the background for use in cocktails.

    Recipe Book Gift with Purchase
    Recipe Book Gift with Purchase

    Hendricks are already gaining great marketing exposure with their duty free promotions as highlighted in our previous blogs. These are still on offer as you can see on picture above. Really like the box set with tea cup and saucer for presenting the cocktails.

    Why not send through a gift with purchase case study for inclusion on one of our blogs.

    Giveaway idea for this 2 in 1 Pen

    The humble pen is a staple giveaway product at many trade shows. Spice it up with this innovative 2 in 1 pen. Keep on reading for more.

    The 2 in 1 pen

    The pen is multi-purpose and can be used to write and highlight with. It can also be branded with your company logo and details As you can see from the picture. This 2 in 1 pen is uniquely designed so that a highlighter has been incorporated at the end of the pen. This is convenient as the user does not have to constantly change between pen and highlighter. Time and effort is saved which is likely to delight the end user.

    Marketing Ideas for this 2 in 1 pen

    The 2 in 1 pen is suggested to be given away as a free promotional product at trade shows. The 2 in 1 pen is definitely a product that allows you to differentiate your company from others. This product is likely to draw interest to your stand. Simply through being, a unique promotional gift. Even after the trade show, clients are likely to retain the 2 in 1 pen. They are likely to reminded of your company when they use your pen. Which is likely to raise brand awareness. 

    An overlooked promotional gift...Pure Joy !

    Break the mold of the mundane with this promotional gift! Get your client giddy with this nostalgic slinky toy.

    Features of Promotional gift

    The slinky product is a well known toy, whose sole purpose is to provide enjoyment. The slinky toy is colorful and bright, however can come in various colors including monotone. It can also be branded with your company logo to raise brand awareness.Can also come in various shapes and sizes.

    Marketing strategies for this Promotional Gift

    The slinky is durable so is likely to be stored by the user. The promotional gift may be on display and will be a constant reminder of your brand. This gift can also induce feelings of nostalgia in the user. Due to it being a toy from their childhood. When nostalgia is used as a marketing tool it can be very effective in influencing buyer decision. The slinky may also be given to a child. If the child plays with the toy and recognizes the logo. In future they may be more inclined to buy from you as a company.

    Why choose the slinky as a Promotional Gift?

    Well the majority of promotional gifts nowadays are too focused on being functional. I believe there is a gap in the market for providing promotional gifts that are simply for the enjoyment of clients.