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Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack

We absolutely love this marketing campaign, which is run yearly by one of the leading confectionery companies, Cadbury. The way in which this marketing campaign is different is due to the fact that it's an event, over 300 of which are run throughout the UK. The events are aimed at children & families, as it's an Easter egg hunt.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack

The campaign has benefited Cadbury's in numerous ways, hence why they continue to run it every year:
  • It will increase sales, as the Easter egg box has all of the information about the Egg Hunt, along with an Activity pack.
  • It will greatly improve brand awareness - as the egg hunts are being run all over the UK, all of which is based around the brand and product itself, Cadburys' chocolate.
  • Families who visit the egg hunt will associate with the brand positively, as it will be a fun day out for all.
  • They make money off each event, as each customer has to pay £1.99 to run the trial, on top of a significant gift-aid fee, which costs £29.99 for a family, £11.99 for an adult and £6.00 for a child (under 5).
  • It helps out a good cause, as it's run in association with the National Trust, which is a charity that helps to protect historical buildings and green spaces.
  • It will drive traffic to their website, as you need to search for the nearest egg hunt via their website, as you can see below.
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Activity Pack

Promotional Purse

This is a free promotional purchase, that was given as a gift to all VIP in a casino, in the largest gambling city in the world - Macau!

Promotional Purse

This promotional gift is currently being run by a huge casino & hotel in Macau called the Sands Rewards Club. As you can see, this marketing campaign is targeted towards women, as the gift itself is a large, stylish purse - a premium and very high-end purse at that.

Promotional Purse
Promotional Purse

There are a number of elements that have gone into making this gift so high-end, firstly the color gold has been used for the purse itself, which will improve its perceived value.

Promotional Purse
Promotional Purse
The packaging also plays a huge part, as it is clear that the packaging is made of high-end materials, but to add to that it has a custom design in gold, along with a debossed logo, also in gold, to match the color scheme of the entire product.
Promotional Purse
Promotional Purse

The reason Sands Rewards Club has run this campaign is because they know that giving such a premium gift to all VIPs in the hotel or casino, will ensure that they remember the trip, which makes it more likely they'll return to the same hotel or casino when they come back to Macau. They also know that the purse will be used in public, so it has high visibility to increase brand awareness.

Branded Keyring

This month Cathay Pacific have been running a marketing campaign this month, providing a keyring as a gift with purchase of every Chieti ladies watch.

These branded keyrings make the perfect marketing gift for a number of reasons.

Firstly it's a great branding opportunity, that consumers will likely keep and use for a long time to come. With the great branding opportunity comes the potential of high visibility, depending on how it's used, which in turn will increase brand awareness, as you can see from the examples below.

High-End Leather Keyring
High-End Leather Keyring
A branded marketing gift, given as a gift with purchase, will definitely lead to your customers associating with your brand positively. You also need to consider that as a gift with purchase it will add an extra incentive for consumers to purchase your products, which will ultimately drive sales.

High-End Leather Keyring
You of course have to consider the cost before beginning a marketing campaign, but branded keyrings are very cheap in comparison to their perceived value, so it's a campaign that can definitely be run on a tight budget.

Keyrings can also offer complete customization, which means you can change the shape, size and color, as well as having the option to add your own logo.

High-End Leather Keyring
High-End Leather Keyring

Labello social media campaign uses marketing gifts

Labello, one the most famous lip balm brand in France, recently released a pretty interesting promotional campaign mixing social media & marketing gifts.

Labello Marketing Gift - Box with custom name engraving
Labello Box with custom name engraved

They are offering a customized plastic cap (for the lip balm) with client's name on it together with this big pen holder (which in this case is used as a Lip Balm holder) that holds up to 5 lip sticks.

How does this marketing gift campaign work?

Simply take a picture of your Labello lip stick and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #monlabellocestlabello which translates by "My Labello is Labello" (it could have been shorter in our opinion).

Why do we like this promotion?

There are various reasons why we loved this promo:
  • The pen holder (or Labello box) can be reused which brings long terms visibility
  • The customized blue cap with customer's name on it is a very good idea. People tend to give a lot more value to a gift that has their name printed/engraved on, they also tend to show it off a lot more. Again, it brings brand visibility. 
  • The price of this promotional campaign. Let's be honest, it did not cost a lot of money and the ratio cost/effectiveness is huge. People have to share pictures of Labello products in order to have a chance to get the gift, which means that Labello will make profit BEFORE having to offer anything. 
Marketing gifts campaigns don't always have to be expensive to ensure a good ROI. If you need any assistance on your next promotion, make sure you contact us

What will your next beach promo gift campaign look like?

It's only January so you may not have figured out what your summer campaign will look like yet if you are in Europe.    Now is the time to focus on developing something outstanding to own the beach.  Here are the best beach promo gifts we've found at the Toys & Games Fair in Hong Kong.

Firstly this madly compact / Fold out sports kit....

beach promo gift
Beach promo gift
Let's have a look at this summer set for an example of a great sports party in a box. It's made of:
  • A foldable volleyball / badminton nett
  • A pair of badminton rackets
  • A frisbee
  • A volley ball
  • A bag to carry it all
It basically has all you can ever need to build the ultimate beach playground. You can easily brand the bag or the different products in it with your own logo.

We also found this other beach promo gift during our tradeshow visit, what we liked with this one is the large nett and the fact that it's very easy for children to play with it and as you can see from above picture, both badminton and tennis version exist. 

beach promo gift rackets
Large Nett Rackets - Perfect beach promo gift
If you are looking for more ideas or if you need any help with your current promotional campaign, check out some of the links below or feel free to contact us!

Marketing Gifts for Trade Shows.

We are visiting the Hong Kong Toy Fair tomorrow and will also stop in at the Licensing show.  There is so much cross over with these 2 shows and the Marketing Gifts trade show.

As usual, HKTDC are offering Marketing gifts for Trade Shows to encourage more visitors to attend.

Redeem a Cowdy Money Bank by simply presenting your buyer admission badge, business card and a printout of this email and visit below 4 designated counters.

 Free Gift for Your Collection
Fair DatesSouvenir Redemption Counter Opening Time 
12 / 1 / 201512:00 am – 6:00 pm
13-14 / 1 / 20159:30 am – 6:00 pm
15 / 1 / 20159:30 am – 4:30 pm
*Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Each eligible buyer is only entitled to one set of souvenir. Souvenir cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other Organiser(s) promotions. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Organiser(s) shall be final and binding.

What do you think about this marketing gift and would it make you visit?  What do you think about this redemption method?

Bottle opener sunglasses - Probably the best summer giveaway

Although Xmas and New Year were a very busy period in terms of promotional gifts, in our part of the world, winter is nearly over. Every marketing manager knows that it is now time to think about the next promotion and we might have found the perfect summer giveaway.

Sunglasses with bottle opener - Perfect summer giveaway
Sunglasses with bottle opener - Best summer giveaway ever

These sunglasses come with a built-in metal bottle opener, ideal for those who want to enjoy a cold beer on the beach.

Sunglasses with built-in bottle opener
Sunglasses with built-in bottle opener
We liked this product for many reasons:

  • It's smart
  • It's useful
  • It's easy to carry
  • It's fashionable
  • It's cheap
  • It's very easy to customize (you can have it in any colour)

Sunglasses Bottle Opener - Summer Giveaway
Sunglasses Bottle Opener - Summer Giveaway

Offering a innovative gift is always a good way to boost your marketing campaign efficiency. People will more likely remember your brand if the product you offer is something they have never seen before. Also, if the product you offer is worth bragging about, you can be sure that your client will show it to their friends, which means free advertising for your brand.

Sunglasses Bottle Opener - Summer Giveaway
Sunglasses Bottle Opener - Summer Giveaway
Here are a few situation where bottle opening sunglasses could be a good choice:

  • Beach parties
  • Beer/drinks related tradeshows
  • Outdoor events (festival, concert, Oktoberfest, etc.)
  • Night clubs giveaways
  • Video-games event (e-sport world cup, E3, etc.)
Do you think of any other?
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