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Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia

Dulux Australia is having a promotion by offering  free energy cubes to their customers. This offer is valid only with purchase of 8 Litres or more of Dulux paint.

 Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia

The energy cube is a portable power bank that is light and compact. Currently, there're 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, which means Dulux customer's potentially own a smartphone that requires a charging device. The portable power bank is something that prospects and customers will not throw away, or kept hidden in a drawer.
 Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia

When offering power banks as gift to your clients, you can customize the color of the power banks as seen from image above. You can pantone match them with your company's color, or produced them in multiple colors to attract customers. Branding can be done by laser printing or engraving company logo on the power bank. Any messages that you want to send can be printed on the surface area of the power bank. This allows a call for action such as visiting your website or calling the hotline number when they require your service. Basically, customization can be done for the color, shape and design of the power bank.

 Energy Cube Promotion by Dulux Australia
In addition, you can package the power bank in paper box packaging or a plastic case. The case can also be branded  with your logo and company name. Packaging can make your gift looked visually attractive and work as a protective storage for the gadget as well. 

Shoe Shine Kit by Dolce & Gabbanna

Dolce & Gabbanna, also known as D&G is offering a shoeshine kit for free! This offer is only valid for online purchases of US$ 69 on men's fragrances. The shoeshine kit comes with a case, buff cloth, shoehorn, polish tin and 2 brushes.

Shoe Shine Kit by Dolce & Gabbanna

Why use shoeshine kit as marketing gift?

D&G's is obviously targeting men in this promotional campaign. This complete shoeshine kit can help them in cross selling  their men's fashion wear. Their customers will be encouraged to use them frequently on a daily basis when it is given for free.

If your product is gender specific targeting to men , or have the same target market as D&G, you can consider offering a shoeshine kit as marketing gift in your campaign. The shoeshine kit has multiple items in it that allows various opportunity for branding. Your company name and logo can be printed, engraved or embossed on the large  flat surface area of the case , buff cloth and wooden brushes. You can even choose the materials such as PU leather, satin or PVC  for the carry case depending on your budget. Since the shoeshine kit consist of multiple items, you can add your logo on every items that comes with the kit. This increases brand visibility as  user will see your logo multiple times throughout the whole shoe shining process.

Portable Power Bank Giveaway

The HKTDC, which stands for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is in preparation for the largest ever 'Entrepreneur Day'. During which they will be providing entrepreneurial insight, along with an array of business start-up opportunities and support services, to entrepreneurs.

For this record breaking day, the HKTDC is offering a free gift as part of a sign-up giveaway. A total of 500 branded power banks will be given away on a first come, first serve basis - to those who sign up first.

As you can see below, the power bank is branded HKTDC related information, including the logo, the website link and the event.

This gift will have numerous benefits for the organizers of the day, and HKTDC in general, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, power banks are the type of product that will be regularly used in public, in order to charge your phone. This makes it a great opportunity to take advantage of the large, flat branding area in order to increase brand awareness of the HKTDC and the Entrepreneur day. As it may be exposed to Entrepreneurs or business owners who had never heard of such a day, and as such it will increase the amount of visitors for the following year. This increased exposure will also help to drive traffic to their website.

Power banks also have a high perceived value, so all members that are gifted one will be appreciative - this makes them more likely to return the following year, or to recommend the HKTDC to others.

Not only does the branding area of power banks make it a fantastic opportunity, but also the fact that they can be customized to match your company theme, including the color - which can be pantone matched, the size or even the whole design can be customized.

Starbucks China Leather Sling and Tote Bag

Starbucks China is promoting their new food menu during the Dumpling festival.  They are giving away free sling bags and shopping totes with purchase of their "Dragon Dumplings".

Starbucks China Leather Sling and Tote Bag
Free gifts with purchase such as bags are great items to include in your promotional campaign. Starbucks China is offering two different bags with PU leather material to their target audience. Since it is a new food menu, the company wants to create brand awareness and increase sales for their seasonal "Dragon Dumpling". Starbucks China offered 2 designs and one of them is the sling  cross-body bags which is trending for 2015's Spring/Summer season. The designs are inclined to the taste of well-defined target audience. The material of the bag will give a high-end impression and of good quality to customers. They will be happy to receive the gift when making a purchase. This additional incentive offered will motivate people in trying their new delicacies which  increases product sales.

You can brand the leather sling and tote bag with your company logo and messages. The large surface area can be customized according to your branding requirements. Wordings and images can be stitched, engraved or printed on the bag material. You can even customize the color just like Starbucks in matching company theme to product.

Chocolate Magnets by Isetan Malaysia

Isetan Kuala Lumpur, a premium retail store had a gift with purchase promotion for their anniversary event. Shoppers who purchased the exclusive gift set of RM200 & above will receive a complimentary chocolate magnets.

Chocolate Magnets Gift by Isetan Malaysia

You can customize magnets into novelty gifts in different shapes and sizes by choosing suitable materials. Glass, stainless steels, resins are some of the materials used in designing different types of magnets. From the image above, chocolate magnets are unique and fun for Isetan shoppers as it is targeted to the female gender. When you customize the designs according to your target audience,  they can relate the gift to your product. It will subtly influence them to make a purchase and participate in the promotion, which increase short-term sales.

In addition to customizing designs, you choose packaging and brand the magnets with your logo. When customers use your gifts in their homes or offices, your logo will be seen by many people. With that, brand visibility increase along with brand awareness..

Pringles Party Speaker as Gift with Purchase!

Pringles is having a GWP promotion for the summer season. They are giving away free party speakers with purchase of their chips.

Pringles Party Speaker as Gift with Purchase!
The Pringles portable speaker is a fun and funky gift that matches their party theme. The customized speaker  looks like a cap and fits on the can perfectly. Customer will be attracted to purchase another can of Pringles as the gift seems valuable and more expensive than the product itself.

How to promote your product with a portable party speaker?

The plastic material can be pantone match with various color as seen from image above.You can choose colors that matches your product or company theme. When you match the colors, customer will associate your company to the gift. This allows them to recall your brand and product easily when planning to make a purchase.

In addition to colors, you can brand the portable party speaker by printing the company logo. Your slogan or messages can be printed on the visible area of the speaker.When customers are using it with your product, your logo and  messages can be seen easily by many. This helps in spreading brand awareness to a larger scale of target audience as exposure of brand increases.

Custom Rose Print Clutch by Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth, a leading clinical skin care company is offering their signature rose clutch for free. The promotion is valid with any purchase of  US 75 dollars.

Custom Rose Print Clutch by Peter Thomas Roth
Why use custom print clutch as marketing gift?

The custom print clutch can be personalized in any designs you desire. From Peter Thomas Roth's example, they are inspired by their Rose skin care selection and developed a signature design  This is an excellent approach as theme of marketing gifts is tied to product/brand image.Customers or potential customers can relate gift to product, which makes your brand more memorable. You can package the custom print clutch to make it appear high-end or similar to luxury designers' brand. Then, customers will be impressed with the clutch you are offering and make them feel valued by your company.

In addition to design flexibility, you can brand the custom print clutch with your company logo and images. The logo can be printed, embossed or sewn on the large flat surface area of the clutch. Brand visibility increases when your logo can be seen easily.Also, awareness can be spread further and wider when customers carry the clutch outdoors. This benefits your promotional campaign tremendously as more people will be aware of your brand.
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