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Freezer bag gift with purchase from Mr Brown Coffee

This freezer bag gift with purchase was recently spotted in Taiwan. The promotion from Mr Brown Coffee gives customers a free freezer bag every time a customer spends more than 390 TWD on their products.
Freezer bag gift with purchase from Mr Brown Coffee

Why offer this gift with purchase to your customers?

In the hot summers in Taiwan this product is likely to be a favourite among customers. The company also sells ice coffee which goes well with this GWP. Promotions such as this are a good way of increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers. It increases the perceived value of the product which means that customers are more likely to buy it than from a competitor. 

Seasonal promotions such as this are more likely to succeed since they meet the current needs of the customer. This is why companies often launch special promotions around certain holidays such as Christmas.

Neoprene Wetsuit Mat as Marketing Gift

SurfStitch an online clothing store is giving away neoprene wetsuit mat for free. The promotion is valid only when shoppers enter the promo code during checkout.

 Neoprene Wetsuit Mat as Marketing Gift

Why use neoprene wetsuit mat as marketing gift?

In this case study, the neoprene wetsuit mat is suitable for SurfStitch as they are selling surf related fashion and products. The neoprene wetsuit mat will be useful to their target market as it can be used outdoors on the beach. The mat ensure one's foot is clean and less slippery while changing out of a wet clothing.

If your target market is similar to SurfStitch, or you are organizing an event specific campaign, you can consider customizing the wetsuit as marketing gift.

How to customize the neoprene wetsuit?

Firstly, you can choose different colors to customize the material. Company colors can be pantone match to achieve consistent  branding among marketing premiums. In addition, you can increase brand visibility and awareness by printing company logo on the neoprene mat. Just choose a suitable placement and logo size that will expose your brand name. When brand message is constantly repeated, customers will easily recall your company when in need to make future purchase. This will help you retain and build a loyal customer base.

Haig Club Exclusive Promotional Hip Flask

Haig Club in-flight promotion for Qantas airline is offering a hip flask for free. The gift is exclusive with purchase of two bottles of whisky.

Haig Club Exclusive Promotional Hip Flask

What is a hip flask?

A hip flask is used to store spirits such as whisky, vodka and rum. They are mostly used to store and beverage still drinkable when carried outdoors. Customers of Haig Club whisky can transfer a certain amount from the main bottle to the hip flask.

Why use hip flask as marketing gift?

Hip flask  is a suitable promotional gift as it's a complementary product of the whisky. As mentioned earlier, customers can transfer the alcohol into the flask, and brought outdoors. The hip flask can be customize to meet your branding and campaign needs.

Firstly, you  can choose durable materials such as stainless steel that can have different surface finished on the flask. For example; rose gold , silver or rustic copper finished.. Besides, you can laser engraved your company logo, name or message on the wide large surface area of the flask. With that, brand visibility increases as logo can be seen by many. This greatly improves brand exposure which eventually heightens brand awareness.

Besides engraving on the hip flask, print other designs as well. Customization of the hip flask will definitely make you stand out from competitors and give the item an identity.When you customize the flask with your unique designs, customers or prospective customers will recall your brand easily.

Last but not least, the hip flask is seen as a high-end item which provides a subtle incentive for impulse purchase. This incentive marketing gift will promote your brand and increase sales profit.

Promotional Thumb Socks for Safety Campaign

DoSomething.org is a global organization for youths to make a difference in society. Their recent campaign, Thumb Wars is to prevent the habit of texting while driving. They are encouraging the public and youths to order 2 pair of thumb socks which are given for free. Youths or students who ordered the thumb socks will stand a chance to win US$10,000 scholarship.

Promotional Thumb Socks for Safety Campaign

Why use Thumb Socks as marketing gift or promotional items?

It's a quirky item which is trendy and easily slipped on. The thumb socks can be customize to spread your promotional messages as seen from the campaign above. This campaign utilizes the thumb socks as a tool to spread "stop texting while driving" messages- where youths take pictures of themselves and spread it through social media. You can do the same with your own customized thumb socks.

By customizing the thumb socks, it will provide an identity linked to your campaign  such as pantone matching company color for consistent branding. Your thumb socks will definitely stand out if you choose to customize designs and color. 

Canvas Watch Strap as Bonus Gift- Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington in-flight shopping offers a canvas watch strap for free. The promotion is valid only when customers purchase the classic rose gold watch.

Canvas Watch Strap as Bonus Gift- Daniel Wellington

Why offer a customized watch strap as bonus gift?

The  watch strap allows customers to wear the watch from a classy design the a sporty casual look. They will perceive the deal as valuable as it feels like wearing 2 different watches. The straps are convenient to change and wear which are suitable for any occasions.

How to customize watch strap as gift?

Materials: Depending on your budget, you can opt for materials such as genuine leather, PU leather, canvas or rubber. The quality of strap will determine the durability and perceived value to customers.

Colors: You can choose various colors for the watch strap. Company colors can be pantone matched if desired. Pantone matching allows color consistency so that company color is easily identified such as McDonald's red and Starbuck's green.

Design: You can pretty much choose any design as seen from image above. A customized design will make your gift stand out compared to competitors.

Exclusive Marketing Gift by Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon is giving away a leather case, micro USB cable and leather strap for Qantas in-flight shopping. Customers will obtain them for free with purchase of Harman Kardon's bluetooth speaker

Exclusive Marketing Gift by Harman Kardo

Why bundle marketing gifts for your campaign?

The multiple items as gift with purchase (GWP) will increase perceived value of the promotion. Customers or prospective customers will find the deal worthwhile as they will be receiving more than one gift for free. The bundled goods are definitely an incentive to make a purchase and open paths in discovering actual product and brand. 

The leather case, USB cable and leather strap are complementary goods which can be used with the speaker. Customers will feel appreciated as company offers such gifts to them, where they do not have to purchase additional accessories. This strategy will lead to positive association between goods and brand. Thus, increasing customer  base and strengthens customer loyalty which leads to long term sales.

How to customize leather case, micro USB cable and leather strap?

There are various ways to personalize marketing gifts offered to your customers. Depending on your budget, you can decide on cheaper materials such as plastic, canvas, satin, silicon, PU or genuine leather for the case. Different materials will portray your gift differently. For example, leather gives  the high-end luxury vibe whereas plastic seems low-end and easily broken.

Besides material, you can choose different colors or pantone match selected colors. The pantone color matching are usually used for branding consistency so that all merchandise have same color. Then customers,employees and the public can recognize the color easily. We can look at McDonald's and Starbucks worldwide  where their business uses the same pantone color so they are recognizable as the same company/brand. 

JBL Headphones Bonus Inflight Gift

Qantas international inflight shopping has various items for sale. One of the promotions shown in thier magazine is a free travel pouch with the purchase of JBL's headphones.

JBL Headphones Bonus Inflight Gift

Why offer travel pouch as free gift for headphones?

The travel pouch is a complementary product of the headphone as it acts as a storage case. The pouch can keep the headphones in good condition and a convenient for travelers to pack and carry around. Customers will appreciate the gift as they do not have to splurge extra for a travel pouch or have their headphones tangled up when kept in their bags or pockets. The free travel pouch provides an incentive to purchase and the perceived value  of  JBL's  headphone is higher. The motivation and desire to purchase will increase short term sales and your brand associated in a positive light.

By offering a travel pouch, you can brand the gift with your company name and logo. There are various options to customize branding such as:
  • design: targeted to gender-specific or age-specific market such as children. You can print images that suit your campaign.
  • size: small, medium or large size that fits your product
  • color: pantone match to company color  for branding consistency, or general unisex color
  • material: cotton, satin, nylon or other materials that fit your budget.
Last but not least, the gift will shed a favorable light and grab potential customers' attention in learning about your promotion.
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