Chowking Promotional Gift – 2017 Planner

Along with the colorful fireworks that light the sky every New Year’s Eve is the silent wish of every person on the planet that 2017 will be better than the previous years regarding career, love life, and family life. Still, no matter how many wishes you make every day from January 1st, if you do not follow it up with persistence and hard work, you will get stuck in square one. So, the best option is to plan your endeavors and write it all down to the free planner that Chowking is currently giving away.

Chowking Promotional Gift – 2017 Planner

Advantages of Availing the Freebie
  • Organization. The new changes you may have formulated in the brain are easy to forget, especially if there are more pressing thoughts in there too. What you need, therefore, is this gift with purchase where you can neatly jot down your future meetings and other aspirations.
  • Uniformity. Some people make a corkboard in which they can pin small notes about everything. The problem here is that the papers can pile up, and the notes at the back will get buried. But if you have the promo gift, such an issue will never occur as you are allowed to write even the littlest detail there.
  • Affordability. Planners tend to cost more than regular notebooks because of the special variety of paper that manufacturers utilize to make such promotional products. Thus, it is great that this marketing giveaway is available for free.

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Branded Glasses – Marketing Merchandise from Hennessy

Although the festivities are already over, a fully grown man or woman can have a glass – or two – of their favorite Hennessy cognac whenever they feel like celebrating a new job, a special promotion, etc. It can serve as a more intimate delight for him- or herself after receiving the good news. Of course, the person can get quite lonely if he or she drinks alone, that’s why the same brand mentioned earlier has two branded glasses as their newest marketing merchandise.

Branded Glasses – Marketing Merchandise from Hennessy

Benefits that Consumers Take from It
  • Reasonably Priced. With all honesty, there are individuals who would rather spend on the alcohol instead of a luxurious glass. But because the glasses are part of the on-pack promotion, they immediately see the advantage of getting the latter.
  • Exclusivity. A Hennessy gift with purchase comes out only during unique occasions, so they are considered as exclusive freebies. Once you have it though, you can parade it to your gals and pals and bask in the splendor that it offers.
  • Indulgence.  Cognacs are unlike beers that are easily found in wine stores or aisles. They are very special brews, and not all brands make them. Hence, it is more appropriate to drink cognac from Hennessy’s promo gift.

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Branded Tin Canister by Lewis & Pearl

The guys have gotten the sweeter end of the deal as they can keep their hair as short as possible without other people batting an eye. For the girls, they still have to manage their long hair with ponytails or bobby pins that are too easy to misplace, or else they will look as if they are witches minus the warty face. To reduce the chances of losing those important hair accessories, here is a branded canister from Lewis & Pearl.

Branded Tin Canister by Lewis & Pearl

Returns of Making the GWP
  • Nicer Sales. Brands that create useful promotional products find greater number of sales more accessible for them. Because this specific manufacturer has this gift with purchase, they can also see higher profits soon.
  • More Brand Consciousness. The color of the on-pack promotion is very eye-catching. Though it is displayed with many cute items as well, this still stands out and makes many aware of the brand.
  • Better Room for Logo. Anyone can see the name of Lewis & Pearl on the promo gift. This is why the canister is great marketing idea.

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Tumbler On-Pack Promotion from Nescafé

For all the individuals who have always had a soft, warm spot in their hearts for the coffee blends that Nescafé continues to produce, you may be impressed to know that our dear ol’ manufacturer’s promotional products are not bound to differently shaped red mugs anymore. No, they have ventured into tumblers as well and are planning to make consumer experience a hundred times better through it.

Tumbler On-Pack Promotion from Nescafé

Why will customers get the on-pack promotion now?
  1. It insulates heat. The gift with purchase has been constructed in a way that the heat can be maintained inside. Thus, the consumer can still drink hot coffee after some time.
  2. It has catchy tagline. The brand always says in every ad that ‘it all starts with Nescafé’. Since they have these words printed on the free tumbler as well, people will recognize it quickly.
  3. It is good for traveling. Even though the promo gift can keep the hotness of the coffee, the temperature is totally on its external layer. Because of it, its users will not be burned when they bring it on their trips.

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Unilever Marketing Merchandise – Dove Toiletry Organizer

Model houses take pride in their cool furniture and heavily organized fixtures. Truth is, many homeowners strive to have the similar type of orderliness in their own space too, even if they do not get featured in magazines or lifestyle programs. Whereas some succeed, others fail in keeping parts of their residence – specifically the bathroom – systematized. Unilever knows this problem of its consumers, so through the Dove brand they have attached a toiletry organizer in their newest on-pack promotion.

Benefits the Brand Will Be Getting from the Marketing Merchandise
  • Better Brand Awareness. This is the ultimate advantage of using this as a gift with purchase. Even when they run out of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, they can still remember the brand because of the caddy.
  • Bigger Functionality. The free toiletry organizer is crafted from canvas. Rope handles have been added on the sides so that customers can also take it to the beach or elsewhere. This heightens the usefulness of the product, and is therefore an amazing manner to market the brand.
  • Greater Endorsement. Consumers totally get hooked on freebies that have more than one usage. Thus, the promo gift can enable them to personally advertise Dove to their colleagues.

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Bagsy Promo – Complimentary Compact Mirror

Grooming tools are essential in a woman’s daily life. Her hair cannot be sticking up on one end, the face cannot be oily enough to fry an egg on it, and her clothes should not look like they have just gotten out of the washing machine. She can only make sure that these aspects are well taken care of, of course, if she has a trusty compact mirror to bring everywhere. Check out this one from Bagsy.

Bagsy Promo – Complimentary Compact Mirror

Which factors can lure consumers to the GWP?
  • The Design. The print on the gift with purchase looks exotic, doesn't it? It is comparable to the image that certain apps produce when you move the subject in and out of focus.
  • The Brand Name. Bagsy is a famous cosmetics manufacturer in Britain. Therefore, a lot of people near the region will find it nice that it has a promo gift prepared for them.
  • The Description. This complimentary compact mirror does not require a whole paragraph to describe the benefits of having it. The words ‘magnifying’, ‘compact’ and ‘mirror’ suffice.

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Competitive Promotion offered by Coca Cola

Coca Cola just advertised with such a nice competitive promotion, where the customers can win different products by buying a refreshment drink and typing the code of it on their website.

Play on a football-table or riding your bike is for many people just as common as putting drinks into the fridge or play with a bean bag and therefore a perfect way to gain attention by your customers. Any of the cans could be a win for you on one of these products.

The opportunity to win such practical and high quality products will attract current and potential customers to buy a drink by Coca Cola and prefer it in the future. This will increase not only your sales, but also the brand awareness and attention to your brand and company during and after your marketing campaign.

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