Tuesday 1 September 2015

Macy's Marketing Gifts: Velvet pouch!

Macy's are using their ingenuity and offering marketing gifts alongside purchases, one such example is with their sales of the Gucci fragrance Bamboo where they are giving away a luxurious velvet pouch!

Macy's Marketing Gifts: Velvet pouch! 

The pouch is the perfect kind of marketing gift for a product from Gucci. It is inline with the rest of their ostentatious marketing efforts and is a gift with purchase that certainly adds value to the fragrance. It stands out among other fragrances that don't offer gifts with purchase and makes consumers more likely to purchase Gucci bamboo over other competitors products.

The benefits of using marketing gifts like this one

  • Increased Sales - as aforementioned the gift with purchase can increase sales through the competitive advantage of adding value to the purchase for your consumers
  • Expanded Ecosystem - The luxurious ecosystem of Gucci's marketing is extended with a useful gift like this, as it stays in line with the luxurious image of Gucci products. The same logic can be applied to any brand.
  • Cross fertilization of products - In the case of Gucci, offering a velvet pouch specifically with the fragrance adds potential for cross fertilization. Perhaps consumers would be more likely to purchase Gucci products to put in their Gucci pouch!
  • Affordable Gifts - When it comes to luxurious brands like Gucci, using promotional gifts that are outsourced provides an affordable way to extend your brand, rather than giving away the expensive alternative of in house produce.
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