Wednesday 2 September 2015

Wine Glass as Gift with Purchase

Portuguese port wine house Taylor’s Fladgate announced new promotional campaign. Every customer purchasing the bottle of Taylor’s Port red wine will get a wine glass as gift with purchase.
Wine Glass as Gift with Purchase
By the shape and design of the wine glass is possible to deliver different wine experiences. As the brand chooses the right wine glass for the particular kind of wine, thus making it easier to shape the perception and influence the taste of wine. For superior wine experience, it is important to take multiple factors into consideration, when serving the wine – the optimal temperature of the wine and the right wine glass. It helps to open up a wine bouquet and experience the full flavor intensity.

Wine glasses are a perfect choice for gift with purchase, especially for wine business. Furthermore, it is a great tool to stimulate sales, improve the consumers’ perception of the brand and the quality of the particular product. Moreover, wine glasses hold advertising potential, they can be easily branded and will continue to be promotional products long after wine has gone. Association with excellent taste and superb wine experience, will make customers to come back for more, thereby stimulating them for repetitive purchase.

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