Thursday 19 November 2015

Cross Country Magazine Free Gift for Subscribe - Free Wallet + €10 Voucher

Cross Country Magazine - the international free flying magazine dedicated to paragliding, paramotoring and hang gliding  - is currently making a very tempting Christmas offer: to everyone who will subscribe to the magazine before 18 December 2015, they will send a free Cross Country branded wallet with a €10 gift voucher inside, which new subscribers will be able to spend on anything they want at their special XCShop. The offer is open to all new digital and print subscribers.

Cross Country Magazine Free Gift for Subscribe - Free Wallet + €10 Voucher

Subscribers also automatically get a free copy of the annual Cross Country Travel Guide, are entered into the annual Subscribers’ Draw to win a paraglider of their choice and receive 10 issues of the magazine throughout 2016.

Cross Country is a reader-supported international publication and is available through subscription only. It was established in 1988 by Sherry Thevenot, an artist who wanted to reflect the spirit of free flight through magazines. Cross Country also serves pilots worldwide through, supplying books, DVDs and other products.

Utilizing effective marketing gifts like free wallets will bring undoubted benefits to firms:

  • Firstly, this campaign helps attract new potential readers who before may not have known about the magazine, or who for some reasons have been delaying the subscription.
  • Secondly, it leads to higher brand exposure, therefore, improves brand awareness. Especially with such marketing gift as the wallet, as this type of product will be regularly used, making lots of people pay attention to the brand printed on it, and resulting in increased number of potential subscribers. 

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